2019 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for Compact Living

15 January 2019

With compact living being all the rage today either with apartments or tiny homes, it is a challenge to create just the right bathrooms for these residences. They must be highly functional and attractive without requiring a lot of space. While you may feel that these goals are impossible to achieve, the following 2019 modern bathroom design ideas do just that and more.

Single-Sink Vanities Offer a Functional Grooming Area in a Space-Saving Fashion

Bathrooms for compact living have space for only single-sink vanities or a freestanding sink without a vanity. Either version can provide sufficient functionality for grooming, depending upon your specific needs. For example, if you are a man living on your own, a freestanding sink might be all you need. On the other hand, if you are a female, you may prefer at least, a small vanity to accommodate your hairdryer, styling iron and other grooming elements.

The Mirror Should Complement the Sink or Vanity

When you select the mirror for over sink or vanity, you need to ensure that it complements the sink or vanity in a favourable fashion. Due to the fact that it does not take up any floor space, you can choose any shape or size of mirror to hang above your sink or vanity. Just match the frame of it, if it has one, to the rest of your décor and your vanity, if you do not have a freestanding sink, to ensure continuity in your design scheme.

Choose a Shower Stall in Place of a Tub

Bathtubs require too much floor space in a small bathroom. You should opt for a shower instead in this instance. A glass shower enclosure helps keep the bathroom from feeling too small.

Splurge with Wall Décor

Decorate your bathroom walls with modern wallpaper, tile, paint or other options. You can splurge with your elements with this part of your 2019 modern bathroom design ideas for compact living. Light to neutral shades will make the room appear larger and darker shades will create a moodier tone.

Select a Sleek-Style Toilet

Another consideration for your bathroom is that of a sleek-style toilet. Various models are available that range from traditional tank models to tankless models that install on the wall.

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