5 Best Reasons Why You Should Have a Kitchen Island

24 August 2021

Kitchen islands are essential items in large home kitchens today. Even in small cozy country-cottage style kitchens, an island provides a central working place. Additionally, several major tasks for daily food preparation can be performed simultaneously on the island countertop.

While you gather ingredients for a favourite main dish on one side of your island, another home chef in your household can chop vegetables for a salad on the opposite side. Meanwhile, at one island end, a young chef-in-training can snap beans while an even smaller family member, as a kitchen helper, can organise your measuring spoons and cups.

Five Main Reasons for Having a Kitchen Island

Five major reasons for including an island in your kitchen furnishings include the following:

  1. Expanded Countertop Space. When you add a spacious kitchen island to your home kitchen interior, you will enjoy the use of significantly more countertop workspace. Especially during holiday meal preparation or when cooking for dinner parties, you can have a whole kitchen crew of household helpers assisting you. With plenty of elbow room for one and all, your culinary team can accomplish food prepping tasks quickly and efficiently.
  2. Storage Space for Small Appliances. Cabinets and cupboards as built-in units below your kitchen island top are ideal spaces for storing small portable kitchen appliances. These storage areas are also a convenient place for stowing large cooking vessels, platters, roasting pans, and cookie trays. They may also be the best space for safely storing large glass flower vases or china pitchers.
  3. Shelves for Keeping Cookbooks. Kitchen island designs that include open or closed shelves offer the perfect spot to keep your favourite cookbooks and small appliance instruction booklets. Since the spacious island countertop is an ideal area to gather ingredients for recipes, having your cookbooks handy can be very convenient and helpful.
  4. Counter Space for Snacks and Casual Meals. Kitchen islands are quite versatile, often serving as a breakfast, lunch or snack counter. Most homeowners place tall bar chairs or stools along one side of the island for comfortable sitting while enjoying food and beverages. Your island is also the perfect serving area for family gatherings, parties and holiday dinners.
  5. Gathering Place for Family, Friends and Dinner Guests. Whenever you have guests for casual parties, evening drinks or dinner, they tend to gather in your kitchen while you put the finishing touches on your party foods or dinner menu. All the members of your household will also enjoy a casual snack and chat time in the kitchen, gathered around your spacious island.

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