5 Elements of a Good Kitchen Design

15 February 2021

Kitchen areas are known to be one of the most important places of home properties. These areas have been the pivotal point of a lot of properties as meals are prepared here. Relationships among family members or visitors are also enhanced by these areas given that their arrangement and layout allow people to talk and communicate openly.

Given the importance of kitchen areas, homeowners should ensure that they can be truly functional and appealing. Therefore, if you are thinking of renovating or designing your kitchen, then here are 5 elements that you must consider and think about so it can add value to your property.

Work Triangle

The work triangle of a kitchen is comprised of the sink, stove or oven, and refrigerator. These three appliances carry out different functions that can easily complete numerous tasks in the kitchen. And for a kitchen to be good, this work triangle must not be obstructed by anything. Although, the work triangle must not be too tight as people might crowd the kitchen easily and ruin its main purpose.

Main Layout

Another element that must be considered in creating your kitchen is its general layout. The layout of the kitchen can hugely affect the function of the area. If the kitchen area of the property utilises a bad layout, then expect it to perform horribly when it comes to basic kitchen tasks. Big properties can utilise a kitchen with either L-shape or U-shape layout. A gallery kitchen, alternatively, can be great for properties with limited spaces. The straight-line layout is recommended for properties that have small space.

Natural Flow

One area of the property that must be flawlessly connected to the kitchen is the dining room. The flow between these two areas must be uninterrupted so that the serving of food can be done instantly. Maintaining a close distance between these two areas can also help prevent accidents or spills. Sometimes, kitchen islands can even take the place of the dining table.

Kitchen Cabinets

One type of furniture that must be installedin kitchen areas is the cabinet. Integrating fully functional kitchen cabinets to your kitchen can serve as its foundation as they can hold your sinks, benchtops, and appliances that you need. If you already have existing kitchen cabinets, you may want to have them repainted. Replacing some of their components can also be done just to make them useful again.

Benchtop and Sink

There are two factors that you must consider when integrating and choosing benchtops and sink for your kitchen. The first factor would be weight. Benchtops that are made from concrete or natural stone tend to be heavy, which is why the cabinets underneath them must be able to support them. Another factor to consider is their maintenance. Opting for materials that are not susceptible to scratches and damages can make your benchtops and sinks last longer. Fewer maintenance requirements also mean that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money anymore.

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