5 Most Important Considerations When Designing and Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

28 June 2021

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home property lends pleasing style and amenities to your home’s exterior spaces. It enhances your outdoor entertaining and the general enjoyment of your outside spaces.

The addition of an outdoor kitchen will also increase the property value of your home. If you should decide to sell your house sometime in the future, you will benefit financially from this stylish and practical home improvement.

Five Most Important Considerations When Designing and Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Five essential points that you should consider when designing and installing your outdoor kitchen include the following:

  1. Current Main Water and Electric Lines Locations. When considering the placement of your outdoor kitchen, check the location of your home’s main water line and source. If possible, you want to avoid the need to run additional lengthy water lines or extensions. You should also determine the location of your current electric lines for the convenient hooking up of your new kitchen appliances.
  2. Overhead Kitchen Area Covering. If there is not currently a deck roof or al fresco covering in the area where you plan to install your outdoor kitchen, you need to plan for overhead protection. This will protect you and your kitchen appliances while you cook during rainy or blustery weather. It will also protect you and the other home chefs in your household when cooking during hot sunny days and early evenings.
  3. Adequate Kitchen Appliance Protection. If you live in an area that often experiences windy or wet weather, you want to ensure that your outdoor kitchen appliances and equipment are well protected. You may need an overhead protective covering, roof or canopy installed. You may also need additional walls or partitions to ensure the safety of your kitchen furnishings. Many homeowners construct a two or three-wall kitchen to provide stability for all of their food prepping and cooking equipment.
  4. Kitchen Placement Near Entertaining Area. Especially if you have a spacious outdoor deck or poolside patio for entertaining, your new kitchen should be close to this area. After preparing snacks, party foods and meals in your outdoor kitchen, you want to avoid having to carry these delicious treats across your lawn or gardens to serve your guests.
  1. Structural Supports for Kitchen Flooring. If you plan to install your outdoor kitchen at the end of your deck or porch, make sure that the current flooring is sturdy enough to support your new appliances and kitchen setup. If necessary, you may have to add additional underfloor support to ensure the safety and security of your new kitchen furnishings, design elements and decor.

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