A Step-by-Step Guide in Renovating Your Home Kitchen

11 September 2020

One part of home properties that a lot of homeowners typically renovate is the kitchen. As the trend and design of home kitchens change every year, homeowners would usually allocate a portion of their money just to carry out the renovation and upgrade the looks of the kitchen. Additionally, they renovate their kitchen so that its overall functionality and flow will be seamless and smooth.

In renovating your home kitchen, you must remember the following steps for it to be successful.

Identify Needs and Wants

The idea behind renovating your home kitchen stems from the thought of changing a set of things that would make you feel satisfied and happy. Before planning anything else, you must determine all the things you must need and want for your kitchen. You can start by identifying the pain points of your current kitchen setup. Then, think of all the kitchen elements that must be added, updated, retained, or removed. The layout, spacing, and flow of the kitchen must also be clearly identified during this step.

Set A Realistic Budget

One of the problems that are encountered by many homeowners during kitchen renovations is the lack of budget. If your budget is not set properly, you might be surprised at how significant the increase is for your project throughout its timeline. In setting your budget, you must reserve around 10 to 20 percent of your whole budget for unplanned expenses. Allocating a budget for these expenses right from the start can help you obtain a reserved fund as the renovation project goes on.

Another great move when setting a realistic budget is to divide it by area of focus. From your identified needs and wants, you must appropriate a huge percentage of your budget to the element that you truly want to have. If you want to fully change your cabinetry and hardware, then allocate a huge percentage on them. The least percentage of your budget must then go to the element that you do not truly prioritise.

Hire Certified Contractors

Hiring certified contractors and a kitchen designer for your home kitchen renovation project allow you to fully enjoy the result of the project by the time they get the job done. Your contractors must have licenses and certifications to ensure they are legitimate and can perform home renovation projects. They must also be insured and can subsequently provide insurance to your home kitchen. Obtaining permits, cleaning up the place, and other tasks must also be asked to potential contractors so that you will have an idea of the quality of the services they can provide.

A kitchen designer must also be hired to ensure that all the things you have identified earlier can now be incorporated and designed by them. Your interior designer will help you plan out and finalise the design, style, layout, and even the materials so that your renovated kitchen can have a design that perfectly suits your preferences. Just like your contractors, you must look for their experience and expertise to ensure that they can truly plan the whole thing.

Once every aspect of your home kitchen plan and layout are set, then you can now start meeting with your contractors and designer. From then on, a timeline will be discussed among all the involved parties so that every necessary task will be truly done and can be evaluated simultaneously. The actual home renovation activities and tasks will then start once all the materials and equipment have been purchased, gathered, and brought in by the contractors.

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