Alfresco Kitchen Extension: Most Compelling Reasons to Have an Alfresco Kitchen

27 April 2023

An alfresco kitchenextension was formerly considered a luxury by homeowners, but it is now considered a necessity. Additionally, a bespoke alfresco kitchen design will increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to future home buyers. Here are five reasons why you should have a bespoke alfresco kitchen:

Individualised Design & Storage Solution

Choosing a bespoke alfresco kitchen allows you to design and build storage options specific to your needs. Whether you want storage options for organising drawers for holding your cutlery and utensils or wine bottles, a bespoke alfresco kitchen makes it feasible. You must consult the kitchen designer, specialist, or contractor about your needs. A kitchen designer or contractor may design and install your bespoke alfresco kitchen to your specifications.

Bespoke Cabinetry Is Made To Your Specifications

You may create a bespoke alfresco kitchen to your specifications regardless of location, size, or style. When you purchase modular or flat-pack equipment, you acquire specific components in conventional sizes that you can install in your alfresco kitchen. Ready-made kitchens can suffice, but when you design a custom kitchen, you may have it built to your specifications, resolving your worries. The flexibility of choice is the key draw for a custom-built patio kitchen. As a result, you may create unique cabinets, a cooking area, a sink space, and other features that properly match the arrangement of your alfresco kitchen area.

Colour and Finish Options

The colour and finish options for flat-pack or ready-made alfresco kitchens are restricted. If you opt for a custom alfresco kitchen, you may select from an astonishing choice of cabinet door colours or a unique powder coat colour if you have something special.The finishes you choose will also influence the overall atmosphere of your kitchen. For example, if you want a bright and well-lit kitchen, a gloss finish will reflect light and open up space. A matte finish, on the other hand, will be the polar opposite since it will not reflect light. A matte finish, on the other hand, is more modern and has a warmer feel. Additionally, matte surfaces allow you to use deeper colours without fear of them absorbing all of the light and making your area seem crowded.

Acquire Alfresco Kitchen Appliances Based On Your Requirements

While constructing a personalised alfresco kitchen, you may evaluate different appliances and choose the best ones. Because everyone has different demands, a standard modular kitchen may only meet some people’s needs. Some people may need all of the amenities of a kitchen in their alfresco kitchen, while others may need an outdoor BBQ kitchen and custom-built storage to house specific goods.

Increases the Market Value of Your Property

You’re creating a kitchen to fit your location when you create a bespoke alfresco kitchen. House buyers want an alfresco kitchen, so having a bespoke alfresco kitchen with a fully equipped outdoor cooking centre can instantly increase the value of your most valuable asset. For example, the modular kitchen may be removed after the house is sold, which does not add value like bespoke built-in items. BBQ culture is spreading in Australia, so having a fully working alfresco kitchen that seamlessly fits into the home’s design will make your neighbours jealous.


With a bespoke alfresco kitchen, you have complete control over the design, layout, cabinets, sink, appliances, and everything else. You may design an alfresco kitchen to your exact specifications, something a modular or flat-pack alfresco kitchen may not allow. As a result, you must choose between a bespoke and modular alfresco kitchen based on your needs and budget.

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