Bathroom Vanities: What’s New and In Style?

27 August 2018

There are some unique and intriguing new bathroom vanity designs currently available on the consumer market. While some designs feature ultra-contemporary fashion elements and motifs, others combine traditional design with modern accessories and embellishments. The most pleasing aspect of these updated bath decor trends is that there is truly something for every different mode of taste and sensibility today.

Regardless of your particular tendency relative to bath fashions and flair, you will have no difficulty finding a freshly created bath interior to satisfy and even surpass your every preference, need or whim.

Outstanding New Styles in Bathroom Vanities for 2018

  • Pleated Timbre Wall Mounted Vanity. – This stunning rectangular, wall-mounted vanity adorns an all-ebony painted wall in matching pleated wood. A pair of semi-raised ebony circular basins sit beneath a matching couple of high, rectangular mirrors framed in ebony. Beneath the vanity, three cabinet doors of more pleated ebony-coloured timbre each display a flattened disk handle of the same dark hue. Thick rounded tapware decorates the wall between the basins and mirrors above, adding more emphasis to the overall modern geometrical style decor.
  • Traditional Marble-Top Vanity with Thick Modern Tapware. – This curious combination of traditional and modern styles is pleasing visually and offers practical simplicity of use. The shallow-set, squared porcelain basin has a soothing retro quality and offers an open, spacious yet contained warmth to the cool, smooth and sedate marble surrounds that encase it. The somewhat thick and chunky tapware design in black-finished chrome and rose gold mix old and new with elegant simplicity and feature a single spout and handle.
  • Porcelain Vanity Mounted on a Crafted Timbre Table. – This all-white bathroom with natural timbre accessories features a pristine porcelain vanity resting on a handsome wood-crafted rectangular table base. Although long enough to accommodate twin basins, this vanity has one basin and a single tapware spout in stainless steel with two rounded, scallop-edged handles. The large, expansive wall-mounted mirror above seems to enlarge the size of the vanity, while the timbre table base below keeps the dimensions well contained.
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