Caesarstone Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen

28 March 2018

Are you making plans for your dream kitchen? If you are, whether it is for a new home or a kitchen renovation project, when it comes to setting the stage – a centrepiece for your kitchen, Caesarstone countertops are worth considering.

Because the kitchen is one of the most integral parts of your home, it just makes sense to decorate it in the best way possible, especially if you are an avid cook or spend much time in the kitchen.

A kitchen is comprised not only of the tools of the trade, but also the accoutrements that make food preparation a breeze. While wooden countertops have been the standard fare for many kitchens over the years, tile and porcelain are also excellent choices for kitchen countertops.

However, tile and porcelain do have their drawbacks, since they have a tendency to stain with time, and in an avidly used kitchen, keeping tile or porcelain countertops flawlessly clean can be difficult. Thankfully, alternatives like polished marble or granite are available. Still, even these have their own drawbacks, since they don’t tolerate extremes of temperatures well and can be damaged by most acidic kitchen solvents. Another excellent, and definitely classier alternative, are quartz countertops.

Caesarstone countertops offer high quality cut quartz countertops for kitchens.

Quite the glamorous material, quartz countertops offer a diverse range of advantages that conventional countertops do not, inclusive, but not limited to the following:

  • Superior stain resistance – quartz countertops are hardy and resist stains from everyday kitchen solvents and ingredients.
  • Excellent damage resistance and hardiness – for all their elegance, quartz countertops aren’t delicate. In fact, they are able to withstand significant levels of impact as well as sudden changes in temperature, and will not easily crack, break, or chip. Ranking 7 at the Mohs scale of hardness, quartz countertops do not scratch easily, and are quite low-maintenance for something so beautiful.
  • Unparalleled aesthetics – if you have ever wanted a countertop that can really turn heads, then quartz caesarstone countertops would be the way to go. Quartz countertops come in all the varieties of the quartz family of stones, and features clear-quartz, amethyst, rose-quartz, and many other combinations thereof. Its matrix, which is often jasper or agate, is likewise hardy and aesthetically pleasing in its own right, making your new countertop truly one of a kind.

If you want a dream kitchen, then consider installing something truly amazing, like a beautiful, quartz Caesarstone countertop from Richmond Kitchens and Joinery.

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