The Kitchen Renovation Factors: How It Can Make Your House Irresistible to Buyers

25 February 2022

Certain factors of a kitchen renovation can make your home truly irresistible to buyers today. New home seekers always pay close attention to a home’s current kitchen design, decor and furnishings. Many home buyers actually base their buying decisions on the current state of the kitchen interior and on the extent of renovations needed. If you renovate your kitchen prior […]

Useful Tips When Installing a New Kitchen for Your Home

12 February 2022

If you are planning to install a new home kitchen, you are most likely viewing many photos, videos and mock-ups of beautiful, luxurious kitchen interiors. You may have seen images that are similar to the kitchen of your dream but think that these lavish layouts are too costly to attempt to construct. Yet with some savvy creativity and innovative ideas, […]

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2022

28 January 2022

Your kitchen backsplash is a major element of design for your food prepping and cooking spaces. In past years, the backsplash was mainly functional, protecting your kitchen walls from splashes of water and food juices or beverages. Yet today, choosing the right material, colours and textures for this important design element is essential to ensure the attractiveness and quality of […]

2022 Kitchen Innovations: What Should You Expect in Kitchen Designs?

10 January 2022

There are multiple highly innovative and attractive new designs for kitchen interiors in 2022. What better time to select a new style of kitchen furnishings and decor than at the start of a new year? Many families have spent much of their time at home during the last year due to the pandemic. For this reason, the entire household is […]

How to Maximise Storage and Kitchen Pantry for Small Kitchen Space

17 December 2021

If your home has a rather small kitchen, it is essential to maximise your kitchen storage and pantry space. You need to master the art of making the most of any available space for creating extra storage while leaving your kitchen floor areas open for moving and walking freely. Be sure to heed the long-time rule of maintaining your kitchen […]

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