Clever Storage Ideas With These Incredible Kitchen Makeover Recommendations

27 September 2022

The arrangement and style of your kitchen may not be optimal, even if it isn’t very antiquated. To create a well-designed kitchen, it’s important to consider where to put the appliances and cabinets and how to make the most of the walls and floors. Therefore, it’s not your fault if your kitchen, regardless of age, is driving you nuts. The structure is the problem.

What occurs when you remodel your kitchen with more storage space in mind is as follows:

Create Storage That Meets Your Requirements

Customising the cupboards and drawers in this kitchen renovation to fit the products that needed to be stored was one factor contributing to its overall success. Once you have decided on the aesthetic you like, you will need to look through all the drawers and cabinets in your plan and select what you will store in each one. Make sure that everything has its specific location and that the drawers and cabinets are the right sizes for the items you intend to put in them. Now, items like utensils and dishcloths are stored in wide drawers with a low depth, while top cabinets with a depth of 12 inches are used to store pantry products close to the cooking area.

Get Rid of the Corner Pantry

Before the renovation, the pantry was a big source of frustration due to its awkward corner location and excessive depth, which caused goods to be misplaced in the back. When you cleaned it out, you would find products that had passed their expiration date or stuff you had to buy again because you had forgotten they were there. You can consider doing away with the corner pantry entirely in favour of storage that is more convenient to reach. Cabinets and drawers have been combined to make up for the deficit in storage space.

Take up Available Space by Extending Cabinets

Eliminating the bulkheads enables you to extend the cabinets up to the ceiling from the countertop. You can store things in the top cabinets that you don’t frequently use, despite being more difficult to get. It significantly contributes to the overall improvement in the kitchen’s capacity for storing things.

Utilise Every Inch in Your Kitchen

Extra kitchen storage may be accommodated in any area, regardless of size. After expanding the island by another four and a half inches to make room for an electrical outlet, you may modify a cabinet to fit below the island and construct a door out of a piece of the toe kick. A step stool that folds up into this area, which comes in helpful for accessing higher cupboards, is now stored there. Cutting boards are hidden away in a cupboard that looks exactly like it on the other side of the island.

Include a Tiny Appliance Slide-Out Tray

Removing the corner pantry in favour of tall countertop cabinets leaves little room for compact countertop appliances. Use an open cubby with a slide-out tray to hold your coffeemaker and toaster. When breakfast is over, the soapstone tray effortlessly slides back within the cubby to keep the counters clean.

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