Customised Shop Counter Displays by Richmond Kitchens: Creating First Impressions That Sell

08 June 2018

To succeed in a retail business today, you must use every tool at your disposal since there is not only local competition for your business but also online competition. One effective tool to utilise to the fullest possible extent is the customised shop counter displays. These are the elements that help your products catch the attention of your customers in such a way as to entice them into making a purchase. As a result, you will create first impressions in your customers’ minds that sell your merchandise for you. Read on to learn how to achieve this goal.

Hire a Reputable, Quality Company to Build and Install Your Shop Displays for You

Be certain to hire a company who specialises in building custom shop displays to ensure that yours are attractive and durable. The company should help you design them and only use quality materials in their construction. Each piece in these units should be carefully joined with the highest possible expertise and best methods. This company also should install all of your customised displays for you.

Choose the Right Type of Display for Each Type of Product

Remember to design the displays to suit each type of product that you sell. While some may be ideal for wood cases with glass or acrylic enclosures, other products, such as shoes and handbags, may be more suited to custom display shelving with an attractive finish.

Concentrate on One Category of Products with Each Customised Shop Counter Displays

After your displays are installed, you should only place one category of products in or on each one. For example, the jewellery pieces need to be highlighted together. Another example is the women’s shoes in or on one display. Shoes for men should be in a separate section in or on their own displays. You can change this to fit your specific products.

Enhance the Displays with Illumination

Lighting should be a possible inclusion in your customised shop counter displays to ensure that they capture the attention of your customers with certain items. Jewellery sparkles under the right illumination or highly detailed pieces may also make a better first impression with lighting just for two examples.

For further details about customised shop counter displays that will create first impressions that will sell your merchandise, consult with us here at Richmond Kitchens & Joinery. These are just one of our specialties. We also provide you with attractive and functional storage units, kitchens and related items, wardrobes, bathroom vanities and alfresco areas. Our company will draw up a quote of any of our services that you require upon request.

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