Different Kitchen Layouts to Consider for Your New Kitchen

27 April 2022

A kitchen layout defines the placement of the major elements of design in your kitchen, including the benchtop and counters, your major appliances and your storage spaces. It also reveals the all-important “kitchen working triangle,” which is the triangular path that you create as you walk from your refrigerator to your stove to your sink and back to your fridge.

Before you start planning your kitchen design in a new residence or performing a total makeover of your current kitchen, you must decide on the layout of the room. The size and shape of the room interior often determine which type of kitchen you select. Your style of cooking and the amount of food prepping space you need also influence the layout that you choose.

Popular Layouts to Consider for Your New or Updated Kitchen Design

The most popular layouts to consider for use when designing a new kitchen or updating your current one include the following:

• L-Shape Kitchen. L-shape layouts are best suited to medium-size kitchens in modern homes. They are also a good choice as part of open-plan living spaces in homes. Designed to provide optimal organisation and storage areas, these kitchens tend to be compact while including all of the major appliances and other elements of a kitchen interior.

While offering ultimate efficiency for home chefs and helpers, they have a pleasing, well-planned look and atmosphere.

• U-Shape Kitchen. This kitchen layout is quite popular since it features a benchtop and counters on three sides. The walls above these countertops offer space for plenty of storage cabinets, which is always a plus.

This design is ideal for small to large kitchen interiors. It also includes plenty of workspace for multiple home chefs and helpers to combine their talents during meal preparation and for holiday cooking.

• G-Shape Kitchen. This layout is formed by adding a peninsula area and benchtop to a kitchen space. This creates more working areas and opens up a wall to the adjoining room while introducing a convenient walk-through space. The peninsula is typically a 1.2- metre area offering a convenient extra workspace and additional storage areas.

• One-Wall Kitchen. This kitchen layout is often used in small homes and efficient apartments. The kitchen is designed along a single wall, saving floor space along with construction and installation costs. Some one-wall kitchen designs include an island that is placed across from the wall.

For some homeowners and apartment dwellers, this efficient kitchen design is attractive. They like this layout since it is easy to use with all of the appliances located along a single wall in close proximity to one another.

When you consult our experts at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery located in Grose Vale, NSW, you will receive top-rated advice, plans and construction services for the new kitchen layout of your choice. Whether you are planning a kitchen for your new residence or performing a complete makeover of your current kitchen, our experienced team is ready to advise and assist you in creating the kitchen layout of your dreams.

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