Extend Your Living Space by Adding an Alfresco Kitchen & Patio

09 March 2023

Adding an outdoor kitchen to the landscaping creates a natural meeting space. Considering that everyone eventually congregates in the kitchen when there is one inside, it is safe to assume that the same thing will occur when there is a kitchen outside. Having an outdoor kitchen makes it easier to take advantage of dining outside anytime the weather is nice, regardless of whether or not you have visitors around. The outdoor kitchen makes it possible for you to participate in the festivities even when you are hosting a gathering of a more substantial size.

Continue reading to learn more about what installing an outdoor kitchen entails, the pros and cons of various appliances and building materials, additional features that you might want to consider, and the timeline for getting from the initial planning stage to the stage of completing the project.

What Is a Living Space?

A living room is a place to sit and socialise, cook and eat, relax, and play with friends and family. Whether you currently have a patio or a deck or are planning to build one, an outdoor living space boosts your enjoyment and the value of your property. Consider a deck or patio more than just a slab outside your house; consider it a whole outdoor living room or kitchen.

Where To Begin

Begin with permission. Make sure your deck or patio is legal so you can use it securely, and there will be no problems when you sell your property. Do you already have a location in mind but don’t yet have the deck or patio built? Begin by researching the materials you intend to employ. When it comes to decks, you have several alternatives, such as maintenance-free decking or wood and stain. You may build a patio out of bricks or concrete. To add flare, the concrete might be tinted or embossed. Whatever you choose, be sure that it has a sturdy foundation and is level. Building your deck and patio will be much more fun if these assumptions are correct.

Live In The Open Air and Dining Outside

Make your outdoor living space appear to be an extension of your house. Bring design aspects from the inside of your home out to the exterior. Your outdoor furniture must be built to withstand the weather. A table, chairs, lighting, sun protection, and bug protection are all important considerations when designing an outdoor living space. Because the kitchen is regarded as the centre of the home, why not expand it outside? Include an outdoor dining table and chairs on your deck or patio as a spot for your family and friends to enjoy a meal in the fresh air. Consider your grill to be the focal point of an outdoor kitchen.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Although we love the warmth after the long winter months, having a covered section of your outdoor living space is convenient. A pergola, awning, or a simple umbrella over your table are among the items you may add to your deck or patio to shelter yourself from the sun. When summer arrives, so does the battle against mosquitos. A screened-in deck or patio eliminates the need for a fight. You can keep all pests and insects out of your outdoor living space while enjoying the fresh air.

Adding an outdoor living space allows you to enjoy the glorious summer months by spending more time with friends and family. Extend your lifestyle outside while also increasing the enjoyment and value of your house.

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