Five Things to Consider Before Planning for an Alfresco Area Home Extension

04 December 2018

The Australian lifestyle includes and integrates indoor and outdoor living whenever the seasonal climate permits this healthy style of living. Since the climate in the majority of the country is well-suited to outdoor living, relaxation, eating and entertaining, spending time outdoors in a natural home environment is common.

If your home does not already include at least one alfresco living and entertaining area, it is time to consider adding an attractive, comfortable and practical alfresco extension to your home. Your favorite home designers and builders can work with you to provide plans, materials and construction services for your new outdoor living spaces. Before you finalize plans for your new alfresco extension, there are certain aspects of this project that you should consider.

Five Important Things to Consider Before Making Final Plans for an Alfresco Area Home Extension
  • Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces – When planning your alfresco room, visualize it as part of your overall home environment. By doing this, you will make it easier to extend the design and decor of your home’s interior outward to include your new outdoor room. If you install cavity sliding doors, folding panel doors or large glass doors to separate your alfresco living area from the inside of your home, both areas will seem integrated rather than divided or separate. You can also create a strong connection between your outdoor and indoor living spaces by repeating or coordinating certain items of decor such as furniture, floor tiling, stonework and fabrics.
  • Size of Alfresco Area – Before deciding on the size of your outdoor room, consider your plans for using it. If this area will be used mainly as a leisure and relaxation space for family, a small to mid-sized area will most likely be suitable. However, if you plan to entertain groups of friends or coworkers in you alfresco space, it will need to be larger and have more tables and seating. If you want to include an outdoor kitchen and BBQ grilling space in this outdoor room, it will need to be even more spacious.
  • Roofing or Awning Installation – In order to enjoy full use of your home alfresco area throughout the day and in different weather conditions, you may decide to install regular roofing or an awning on your outdoor room. Especially during rainy seasons, you will need this overhead protection to be able to use your alfresco space on a daily basis.
  • However, if your plan is to use this attractive outside room mainly during mild weather and on clear days and evenings, you can use partial overhead coverings to shield this area from direct sunlight. Your partial covering may be a series of overhead vines supported by a pergola, screening or timber beams. If you have tall overhanging shade trees, their foliage may provide sufficient overhead coverage for your new alfresco area.
  • Climate and General Weather Patterns – If you live in an area that gets long periods of heavy rain during the year, you may want to install awnings that extend outward from the sides of your alfresco room’s roof or overhead covering. You may also want to install sliding door walling on any open sides of the space to prevent rainfall from entering your outdoor living space. In cold climates, you may want to include permanent or portable fireplaces in your new alfresco room design, while in warmer climates, you will most likely need to install overhead fans.
  • BBQ and Appliances – If you plan to include only a BBQ grilling space in your alfresco room, it can fit conveniently into most any size space. If, however, you want to include full kitchen food prepping and cooking facilities in your outdoor entertainment area, you will need an alfresco design that is large enough to include all the appliances and accessories needed for a complete kitchen.

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