Flatpack Kitchen Installation: What Richmond Kitchens Can Do for You

25 August 2022

The thought of having to piece together a straightforward table from dozens or even hundreds of individual components is enough to give many adult men pause. something that you could walk into your neighbourhood thrift store and buy already made. Why would anybody go to the trouble?

However, a significant number of Australians make the effort, and the vast majority of them, like myself, will become repeat customers. One of the numerous Australian firms that are locally based and specialise in producing flat pack furniture is called Richmond Kitchens.

First things first, what precisely is meant by the term “flat pack furniture,” and then, what are the advantages that purchasing from Richmond Kitchens can provide to you?

Flat Pack By Richmond Kitchens

The definition of “flat pack furniture” is straightforward: it refers to any piece of furniture that is delivered in the form of a flat-packed kit. It is completely ready for you to construct at your house or virtually anyplace else you like. According to the Collins dictionary, this type of furniture “arrives as a flat box and is bolted together on site.”

What It’s Made Of

Particleboard, sometimes known as chipboard, and medium density fibreboard are the two types of board most typically used in the construction of flat-pack furniture.

Chipboard is a type of composite panel that is assembled from fragments of wood, including wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, and other particles. The byproducts of both soft and hardwoods are combined with wax during the manufacturing of medium-density fibreboard (MDF), which results in a board that is more durable than chipboard.

Chipboard is often less expensive, but it is more prone to damage from water because of its porous nature. On the other hand, it may be more stable than solid wood, which can break as a result of exposure to the elements or the passage of time. There is a wide range of prices for MDF, but high-quality MDF will always be significantly more durable than chipboard. Additionally, it will be much simpler to form and deal with compared to solid wood.

There are occasions when solid wood is used in high-end ready-to-assemble (RTA) or flat box furniture. If you need to move, you won’t have as much trouble disassembling and relocating this. An RTA of higher quality will have more robust connections, which will make it possible to disassemble it without the parts breaking.

What You Can Get from Richmond Kitchen’s Flat Pack

The cost-effectiveness of the initial unit is without a doubt the benefit of having flat pack furniture from Richmond Kitchen which is considered to be the most significant advantage. They may also be more effective in terms of the use of space and storage, in addition to being simpler to disassemble in the event of a move. It might be difficult to discern the difference between a quality kit and pre-assembled, more costly furniture.

It’s Highly Cost-Effective

Contemporary computer-aided manufacturing techniques and CNC mills are used in the design process for furniture. Because of this, the significant labour expenses associated with trained craftspeople are eliminated.

Some individuals would say that flat packs are more affordable because they are less lasting; but, if they are cared for correctly, they can endure for many years. In most circumstances, the cost of solid wood flat-packs will be lower than the cost of custom-made solid wood furniture that is offered in preassembled form.

Flat-pack furniture often has a smaller footprint, making it considerably simpler to move and store than traditional furniture. Without the need for showrooms that cover several football fields, shops or warehouses can hold more merchandise and provide customers with more options.

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