Functional Drawer Space Ideas for Your Tiny Kitchen

28 February 2018

When you own a tiny kitchen with severely limited space, it is imperative to make the most out of the storage in your cabinets, especially the drawers. Instead, of going with the standard type of drawers, you should select innovative ones. If you are unsure of what we mean by the latter type, they provide you with highly functional drawer space. We offer some ideas of this type of drawer design in the following details.

Warming Drawers

Drawers for keeping food and/or dishes warm are available. They contain heating elements as part so their construction. Any mealtime or party is easier with these drawers since your food will not turn cold before you can serve it.

Divided Utensil Drawers

Organise your utensils effectively with the help of divided utensil drawers. Different configurations are possible. Just decide whether they will be for large serving utensils or your flatware to ensure that the sections are sized right.

Drawers That Contain Pegged Sections for Dish Organisation

Store your dishes in drawers with pegged sections. Each size of dinnerware will have its own area. No more will you need to search through cabinets that are in disarray to locate the ideal dinnerware for your purposes.

Corner-Shaped Drawers

Often times, the most difficult area of the cabinetry to configure in an effective manner is the corner where two sections of cabinets meet. The answer for this area is corner shaped drawers. While most of the inside of these drawers look like traditional ones, the front of them is triangular in shape in order for them to fit perfectly in the corner. You even can have a group of two or three of them if you so desire.

Deep Drawers for Pots and Pans

For efficient storage for your pots and pans, select at least one deep drawer. This drawer takes up less space than a cupboard does for the same purpose.

Moderate-Depth Drawers for Your Kitchen Linens

To store your tablecloths and other kitchen linens, choose a moderate-depth drawer. This drawer is not as deep as the one for pots and pans and mixes easily with shallow drawers in the same area of the cabinets.

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