How to Maximise Storage and Kitchen Pantry for Small Kitchen Space

17 December 2021

If your home has a rather small kitchen, it is essential to maximise your kitchen storage and pantry space. You need to master the art of making the most of any available space for creating extra storage while leaving your kitchen floor areas open for moving and walking freely.

Be sure to heed the long-time rule of maintaining your kitchen triangle. This is the walking space from your oven and stovetop to your refrigerator to your sink and back to your oven/stovetop. Without this clear triangle of walking space, it is difficult to prepare meals and snacks promptly and efficiently.

How to Maximise Your Kitchen and Pantry Storage in a Small Kitchen Space

You can maximise your kitchen pantry and storage space in a small kitchen with the use of some savvy tips, such as the following:

  • Install Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets. By installing a series of floor-to-ceiling cabinets in your pantry and along one wall of your kitchen, you can greatly enhance your storage space. By doing this, you can avoid using valuable floor space in your pantry and your food prepping and cooking areas.

Your home building and renovating team can install a simple, safe ladder that moves along a track for reaching items stored in the higher cabinets. You and other home chefs and helpers in your household can retrieve recipe ingredients, cooking vessels, utensils and dried foods that are stored in these space-saving cabinets with ease.

  • Install Plenty of Open Shelving. Along with the free wall space in your kitchen and pantry, install an abundance of open shelving. These shelves are ideal for storing herbs and spices, other seasonings and flavourings and various condiments.

While preparing recipes, you can quickly locate necessary ingredients just by glancing at your open shelving. These shelves are also convenient places for keeping small bowls, dishes and measuring cups that you may use for measuring and mixing ingredients while cooking.

  • Consider Adding a Kitchen Island. If your small kitchen can accommodate a compact kitchen island with storage cupboards, bins and drawers, consider investing in one. This can provide convenient extra storage while adding additional countertop space.

If it allows you to move around your kitchen more freely, you may want to select a portable island that is mounted on wheels. This enables you to reposition the island as needed while you prep foods and cook delicious meals.

When you contact our experts at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery located in Grose Vale, NSW, you will obtain top-rated information, advice and assistance for maximising your small kitchen’s storage and pantry areas. Our experienced team can assess your current storage needs and create the ideal storage solutions with stunning new wall cabinetry and shelving.

They can also design and build a fashionable and functional kitchen island that is compact and suitable for use in your small kitchen interior. Our excellent team of highly skilled professionals will ensure that your innovative new kitchen storage completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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