How to Pick the Most Appropriate Bathroom Vanity for Your Home

29 March 2021

A bathroom is essential for your home since it serves as a place for you and others to conduct personal hygiene activities. Additionally, this specific room can serve as a place to unwind, especially when one decides to take a warm shower or bath, conduct some skincare routine, and others.

One element that makes a bathroom truly functional and beneficial for home properties is the presence of appropriate bathroom vanities. Bathroom vanities are intended to effectively hold the sink unit and mirror. They are likewise designed to offer additional storage area through drawers and shelves. They can also be used to hide and conceal all plumbing fixtures inside the bathroom.

When choosing bathroom vanities for your home, there are certain elements that you should consider. Some of these elements are the following:

Size and Proportion

One element to consider in choosing the most appropriate bathroom vanity for your home is its size. The size of your bathroom vanity should be able to fit in effortlessly on your available bathroom space to avoid wasting time and money. From door openings to existing features like mirrors, electrical switches, outlets, and plumbing fixtures, all of them must be accounted for when finding the right size and dimensions of your bathroom vanity so that the traffic flow inside your bathroom will still be optimised.

Storage Capacity

Since a bathroom vanityhas drawers and shelves for storage spaces, you must also consider its storage functionalities. When choosing a bathroom vanity, you must determine its overall storage capacity as well as the people who will be using it. If your family is somehow young and has small children, then you might want to opt for a shorter bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity with a high countertop, alternatively, will be great for your family if all of you are already adults.

Style and Design

Generally, bathroom vanities can be grouped into two: freestanding and built-in. Freestanding bathroom vanities are recommended for spaces that are small and limited. Built-in bathroom vanities, alternatively, are great for large spaces. This type of vanity has more countertop space, storage capacity, and other additional features. Other types of bathroom vanities include floating vanities and double-sink vanities. Floating vanities do not utilise any legs, while double-sink vanities are great for couples or siblings.

Colour and Finish

Other elements that you should consider when choosing a bathroom vanity for your home are colour and finish. Bathroom vanities can now go with vibrant or bright colours, which can readily complement your bathroom if ever you want these types of colours. Others can likewise have trending colours such as navy, grey, and brown, which make your bathroom feel more natural. The finish of your bathroom vanities can likewise boast glass, metal, or wood materials, which can be perfect for longevity and functionality.

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