How to Pick the Right Kitchen Countertop for Your New Kitchen

13 April 2021

If you are renovating your existing kitchen or building a new home, you may be ready to shop for new kitchen countertops. You may be wondering whether your best choice is a lustrous natural stone like marble or granite or durable engineered stone. There are definite pluses and minuses to either variety, yet both offer stunning beauty as major items of kitchen decor.

Whether you select attractive and durable engineered stone or quartz, or you decide to purchase long-lasting and stunning marble or granite, you are making a good investment. Either choice will provide you with long-term use and a stylish, elegant and glowing kitchen interior.

How to Choose the Ideal Kitchen Countertops for Your New Kitchen

Before deciding on the material for your new kitchen countertops, take time to compare different options. Consider such basic information as the following:

  • Aesthetics. Granite and marble are considered more elite materials for kitchen countertops than engineered stone. Both of these natural stones are available in stunning slabs with varied colours and nuanced tones. They both have beautiful glowing surfaces with elegant veining designs. Yet engineered stone is almost as strong and durable as granite, and it can be custom-coloured during production to comply with your preferences and needs.

Both granite and marble are porous stones and need sealing to prevent liquids from foods and beverages from seeping into their surfaces. Granite is somewhat stronger than marble and will resist scratching, cracking and chipping better than marble. Yet both natural stones are quite durable, offering many years of beauty and practical use. Quartz is not porous, and it resists scratching, cracking and surface staining. Engineered stone also lacks surface imperfections that are common in natural stone.

  • Strength and Durability. Although quartz, or engineered stone, is nearly as durable as granite, it lacks the stunning colour variations of granite and marble. However, quartz is man-made by mixing crystals of quartz with resin, and dyes or other colourants can be added to this mixture during production. This enables you to order a customised colour shade to complement and enhance your overall new kitchen decor.

Engineered stone does not have porous surfaces, so there is no need to add a sealant before using this type of countertop. Its surfaces can also have a uniform colour rather than the varied colours and shades of natural granite or marble. Quartz is also durable, lasting for long-term use when well cared for. It is stain and scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.

  • Lasting Value. Both natural and engineered stone offer long-term value to your home. It is good to remember that if you should decide at some time to sell your home, a quality kitchen interior design with elegant and durable furnishings will increase the attractiveness and market value of your house.

At the current time, you will gain the pleasure and ease of preparing meals and snack foods in a beautiful kitchen with appealing decor and high functionality. You and everyone in your household will enjoy meal preparation in your stunning new kitchen with lustrous, elegant and durable countertops.


By consulting our specialists at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery in Grose Vale, NSW, you can obtain top-rated information, advice, designs and installation services for new kitchen countertops. Our experts will ensure that you select the ideal new natural or engineered stone surfaces to enhance your new kitchen with stunning beauty and high functionality.

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