How to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation Project

15 November 2018

Once you decide to remodel your kitchen, you must proceed in the proper manner to ensure that the room and you are prepared correctly for the project to start. After all, if you are like most homeowners are, you own dinnerware, glassware, utensils, pots, pans, food supplies and more for your food prep and consumption. All of this will need removal from the area in order to protect it. Also, you will need to plan on how and where you will prepare and eat meals during the renovation. Below, we provide you with a checklist on how to prepare for any kitchen renovation project.

Pack Up All Breakables

Remove any breakables from the kitchen and pack them up to keep them safe. Also, take them to another part of the house to ensure that they are out of the way of the workmen.

Move Edible Items When Necessary

If the remodeling project includes your pantry and/or other food storage areas, move the edibles to clear the space for renovation. These items include any canned goods, baking supplies, spices and so on.

Relocate the Refrigerator Temporarily

When your refrigerator is a freestanding one, you will need to relocate it temporarily to another room. Whether or not you keep it running, depends upon you having the correct outlet for it, but it is a great way to still have ice, beverages and refrigerated foods handy for consumption during the confusion of the renovation.

Buy a Supply of Disposable Plates, Cups and Utensils

Purchase a sufficient supply of disposable plates, utensils and cups to last the duration of the project. After all, you will not be able to wash dishes as easily as you normally can in your kitchen. This supply will make life easier.

Decide If You Will Be Cooking on a Grill or Camp Stove

Another preparation some homeowners make is to ensure that their grill or camp stove is working so that they can cook foods as they want them until their kitchen renovation is complete. If you wish to do this too, check to see if whichever one you have is fully operational, including its fuel supply.

Protect Other Furnishings

Cover furnishings or belongings, or move them as necessary to prevent dust, paint or other elements from falling on them and/or damaging them. You may have an open floor plan where one room flows into the kitchen without any walls in between.

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