Important Tips on How to Avoid Kitchen Clutter

27 July 2021

Avoiding clutter is an important issue in all home kitchens today. With busy lifestyles and daily food prepping and cooking, it is easy for clutter to accumulate and interfere with normal kitchen activities. Yet a cluttered kitchen is not a desirable environment for meal and snack preparation.

Once your kitchen becomes cluttered it is difficult to prepare foods and beverages quickly and efficiently. Essential foods and cooking utensils get lost or become misplaced. It is difficult to take an inventory of your basic cooking supplies without overlooking items that are not visible due to clutter.

Essential Tips on How to Avoid Kitchen Clutter

Valuable tips concerning how to avoid clutter in your home kitchen include the following:

  1. Create a Place for Everything. By designating a specific place for every item of kitchen equipment and accessories, you can best avoid clutter. When every item of equipment, small kitchen appliances and utensils are neatly put away after cleaning up following meals, you will feel well-organised.
  2. Store All Supplies Neatly. Store all foods, beverages and cooking supplies neatly where they are easy to find. Place like items together or in nearby storage space. Designate storage bins, shelves and cupboards according to the size and shape of items to be stored.

Refrain from overstocking foods and staple items. When your kitchen and pantry areas are well-organised and items are stored neatly, you will be able to take a quick inventory of your stored foods and beverages before each grocery shopping trip.

  1. Add More Kitchen Storage Space If Needed. If your kitchen and pantry storage space is cramped and insufficient, add more cabinets, shelves and storage bins. In your pantry, you can extend your shelf space by adding higher shelves that can be accessed by a convenient ladder on a track. You can store supplies and equipment that are not used every day on these higher shelves.
  2. Install Swing-Out Cabinets. By installing cabinets that swing forward and out from the wall when needed and back into place afterwards, you can save valuable kitchen workspace. These cabinets can also house foods, supplies and items that are used less frequently than others.
  3. Choose a Rolling Kitchen Island. If you select a kitchen island on wheels for use in your food prepping and cooking, you can move it around the room as needed. You can also choose an island with built-in cupboards and shelves under the countertop. Surplus kitchen supplies and equipment can be stored there, and you can relocate your island to the less-busy areas of your kitchen as you work. This will give the room a more open, uncluttered look and feel.

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