Incorporating Open Kitchen Shelving for Your Home

30 November 2020

One layout of the kitchen that is being integrated into modern homes today is an open kitchen. An open kitchen is great for those who want to interact with other people while preparing and cooking a meal. This specific kitchen layout is likewise suitable for homes that want to maximise natural lighting. And since most open kitchens are situated near the dining room or living room, the light from the windows of the mentioned rooms can easily illuminate crucial areas of these kitchens, especially during daytime.

If you are thinking of embracing an open kitchen for your home, then you may want to alter your shelving layout and design. Here are some open kitchen shelving ideas that you can integrate into your home.

Integrate Hanging Storage

Open kitchens usually incorporate symmetrical and conventional shelving that surrounds a range hood and other kitchen equipment. However, if you want to make your kitchen more functional and closer to being open, then you may want to integrate hanging storage as one of your shelving units. Hanging storage on one side can help you hang down kitchen tools and other essentials.

Assemble an Open Pantry

Pantry is one of the places where select beverages, food, and even household cleaning provisions are stored. If your home does not have any pantry right now, then you might want to convert a spare wall into one. Assembling an open pantry can be done by placing tall shelving units on your spare wall. The presence of your beverages, food, and other products on your open pantry can help you determine the exact supply of products that you currently have.

Shelving Above the Sink

And speaking of easy access, placing open shelving above the sink can also help you obtain a kitchen that is more spacious and expansive. Cabinets that are currently installed above your sink can be removed in exchange of shelving units that can store products more quickly. Some things that you can store on your shelving above the sink include dish soaps, cleaning tools, and even houseplants.

Incorporate a Coffee Bar

For some people, drinking coffee every morning gives them the necessary energy boost for their work or activities. If you are one of those people, then you may want to incorporate a coffee bar within your open kitchen. Your coffee bar can maximise shelving units that can effectively store coffee, sugar, milk, cups, and other necessary utensils. Partnering your shelving units with a kitchen cabinet can help you generate a coffee bar that looks great for your morning coffee hours.

Eliminate Cabinet Doors

There are fairly affordable shelving units that you can purchase today. However, if you want to save some money, then you can just eliminate and remove the doors of your existing cabinets. Removing them can easily grant you open shelving units that are functional and cleaner to look at. You can even paint them so they can blend well with the overall design of your kitchen.

These open kitchen shelving ideas can help you gain a kitchen that is functional and attractive. If you want some help with your kitchen renovations, you can contact us at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery.

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