Is Your Kitchen Falling Apart? Signs that Call for Immediate Kitchen Renovation

27 July 2018

After year of use, there comes a time when the functionality of a kitchen has run its course and needs to be upgraded because it is ‘falling’ apart. Is your kitchen falling apart? Are there signs that call for immediate kitchen renovation? If you are unsure, then read on to discover the tell-tale signs that your kitchen needs to be renovate immediately.

Tell-tale Signs Your Kitchen is Falling Apart and Needs Immediate Renovation

It’s true, kitchen renovation is a big project that requires serious planning, as a budget needs to be determined and a time scheduled when your kitchen will be out of service. That is why it is advised, if possible, to renovate your kitchen when you can, before it becomes absolutely necessary.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you need to have your kitchen renovated as soon as possible:

Your kitchen is falling apart, literally – whether you have been living in your home for thirty years, three years, or three months, it could be falling apart. While ‘falling apart’ can mean different things to different people, if you have cabinets or counters crumbling because of termites, or holes in your walls and ceilings, or tile flooring with cracks, then it is time to have your kitchen remodeled.

Your kitchen layout is awkward or dangerous – years ago, rangetop islands were very popular, but these can be inconvenient by taking up too much space and even dangerous, especially if you have small children living in your home. Children passing by or playing in the kitchen, while you’re cooking, can accidentally catch the handle of a pot – not good. If your kitchen layout is awkward or hazardous, then it is time to remodel.

Kitchen cleaning is a nightmare chore – a high maintenance kitchen takes a lot of time and elbow grease to keep clean, especially if you have deep grout lines on your counters or flooring. Old kitchen appliances and their placement can be near impossible to clean around them. If you are unhappy with your kitchen because the design and layout make it difficult to maintain, and you feel like not using it anymore, then it is definitely time to renovate your kitchen to make your life easier.

There are other signs that call for immediate kitchen renovation, other than those mentioned above. So, if you feel like your kitchen is falling apart, and you want to remodel it in a way that will make you happy, then contact Richmond Kitchens and Joinery today.

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