Joinery By Richmond Kitchens: Bespoke Storage Units and their Benefits

24 February 2023

With the new season approaching, it’s time to get serious about decluttering. With all the fashionable new ideas for home organisation, the advantages of bespoke storage cabinets cannot be neglected. Here are a few reasons why bespoke storage units are essential home furnishings that will help you reclaim your sanity and control over your clutter:


Custom storage cabinets are an excellent method to maximise your available space. Rather than stressing about what to do with your clutter, a personalised storage container can solve your storage needs. Bins for storage are unattractive and can take up a lot of room. Furthermore, their unusual forms make them difficult to conceal. Stacking storage containers frequently results in an avalanche at some point! If you choose a bespoke storage unit, you may choose a style that complements the other furnishings in the room.


Custom storage containers are useful for managing your belongings and can also be used to exhibit your most valued possessions. If you don’t have an action figure collection to show, think about adding decorative style to your home with sculptures, beautiful plates, or other handmade objects. These objects will assist in creating the storage container as a distinct focal point of the area rather than a covert hideaway for your clutter!


Custom storage containers are precisely built to make the most of your available space. If you have unused wall space, a bespoke storage box can help eliminate the clutter without making it difficult to manoeuvre the area. Furthermore, bespoke storage cabinets with variable heights and widths may be constructed. Consequently, you may tailor your storage container to the ideal height or breadth for your room, giving you a place for all your possessions.

Closet Organisation

Unless you have the chance to custom design your house, you will unlikely have enough closet space to hold your full wardrobe. Bespoke storage cabinets may provide the customization you require to keep your clothing and shoes. You may also store other household furnishings such as bed sheets, drapes, and other goods. A bespoke storage unit can provide you with the larger closets you’ve always desired for your house.


Although bespoke storage units are normally built-to-order, the best thing is that they are versatile pieces of furniture that can be moved about your home as needed. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in modifying your house, a bespoke storage container may give you the storage space you want at a fraction of the cost. Destroying walls in your house to make place for more clothing makes little sense, especially when you consider that you may potentially damage the value of your property in the process.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bespoke Storage Unit

Custom storage cabinets come in a variety of sizes. As a result, before deciding on a unit to purchase, evaluate the size of your room. If your area has windows, measure the distance between the window and the wall to ensure that the storage container does not block any of them. The storage unit should also be properly positioned so that it does not obstruct the doors or protrude too far from the wall, making it difficult to navigate the space.

Although many believe that closets are the only way to organise a home, bespoke storage units show that organisation can be useful and fashionable. With so many possibilities, selecting the ideal custom storage unit to organise and beautify your area is simple.

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