Kitchen Layout in Kitchen Renovation: Why Is This Important to Consider from Start to Finish?

17 December 2018

From the very beginning of your kitchen renovation, you need to consider the layout of this room. You not only need to select the layout that fits into your house in the ideal fashion, but you also should choose the one that best serves your use of this room at the same time. Once the plans are drawn up and the remodeling work begins, it is more difficult to make changes. This is why it is so important to consider the kitchen layout from start all the way through to the finish of the project.

Learn about the Different Kitchen Layouts

You must first know the following kitchen layouts before you can select the right one for your home:

    • Single-wall layouts offer a space-saving kitchen that is on just one wall of the house.
    • Galley layouts split the kitchen in two sections. Each section is on its own wall, and the two sections face each other. Think of a hallway lined on both sides with various parts of a kitchen.
    • L-shaped layouts also go on two walls but one side is longer than the other, and the two sides join each other to make the corner of the L.
    • U-shaped layouts have two long sections joined by one short section to form a U. All three sections typically are located on walls.

*Note: L-shaped and U-shaped require the most space but allow enough area for a work island if desirable.

What Layouts Fit the Size of Your House?

Now, that you understand the above popular layouts for kitchens, you need to think about which ones fit the size of your house the best. From here, you can narrow down your choices to come up with the ideal one for your purposes by determining the following:

1. Which layout suits your purposes the best? If you are an avid cook and baker, and/or you entertain a lot, the L-shaped or U-shaped are advisable when space allows.

2. If storage is a priority to you, choose the layout that allows the most cabinetry. For the most part, single-wall layouts are not known for their storage unless they are on an extremely long wall, which is rare. The other layouts can be customised to provide adequate storage options depending upon the space of your home.

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