Kitchen Planning 101 for a One-Wall Kitchen

09 November 2020

Kitchens can be constructed and designed in a wide variety of forms. One specific kitchen design that continuously gains attraction right now is the one-wall kitchen. This form of a kitchen is built into one linear wall, which can be normally found in small homes or residential units. Some of the reasons behind having this form of a kitchen are to save floor space and minimise the costs of the construction.

The space found in this type of kitchen may be limited. However, with effective kitchen planning, a one-wall kitchen can easily function the same way a much more spacious kitchen would work. These kitchens may even be more convenient than others since all the things that are needed such as the refrigerator, stove, and sink are already closer together, allowing all essential things to be done right away.

If you are planning to adopt and design a one-wall kitchen on your property, then you might want to closely consider the following helpful tips.

Prioritise on Worktops

One defining element of a kitchen that you should always prioritise is your worktop. Most of the activities in the kitchen are conducted on these worktops. Hence, if you will cheap out on this specific element, then you are significantly compromising the quality of your one-wall kitchen. If you have enough money, then you must invest in worktops that are made from high-quality quartz, granite, or natural stone. You can also utilise real wood worktops if you want to save some money without compromising quality.

Maximise Open Shelves

Another great tip that you can do with a one-wall kitchen is to maximise open shelves. Open shelves can instantly save you a lot of money due to reduced installation costs. Additionally, the presence of these shelves can make your kitchen look lighter and airier. Accessibility to some food products, kitchen equipment, and others is also easier with the integration of open shelves to your one-wall kitchen. Even the storage space for these mentioned products will be larger thanks to the structure of the open shelves.

Blend in the Appliances

Appliances often come in different styles, designs, materials, and colours so they can easily complement the existing theme of a kitchen. With your one-wall kitchen, you must choose or buy appliances that boast a seamless, uninterrupted finish. One material that your appliances must contain is stainless steel. Stainless steel is hygienic, which can be great for all food products that your kitchen has. This material can also resist corrosion, fire, and heat, which are elements that can be found in most kitchens.

Ensure Perfect Lighting

To maximise all the features of your one-wall kitchen, you must ensure that it has perfect lighting. A kitchen with perfect lighting will not only make its appearance livelier and more comfortable, but it can also guarantee safety and protection against possible accidents. You may want to install some light spots under the wall units to make the work surface well-lit. Illuminating your one-wall kitchen with dimmer switches can likewise make the place exude a dreamy, romantic feel and vibe.

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