Kitchen Renovation Guide to Extending Your Space for Storage

08 September 2022

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there are two things that homeowners consistently find to be the most frustrating: a lack of enough storage space and an inability to make efficient use of available space. However, even though these problems may have been a major source of annoyance in the past, today is your lucky day: we are here to provide you with six insider tips for increasing the amount of storage space you have using a variety of items, ranging from inexpensive kitchen appliances to high-quality kitchen cabinets.

Keep reading to learn how to address the problems you’re having in the kitchen with clever and easy solutions that could free up some additional room!

Choose Drawers

One of the most popular trends in the business world this year is the shift away from cabinets with doors to cabinets with drawers, which is a solid explanation. Fully extending drawers are a far more practical and tidy solution than cabinets with doors, as they allow you to see their entire contents without requiring you to bend over or move items out of the way. While cabinets with doors and chaos go hand in hand, fully extending drawers are a solution that is far superior in terms of organisation. One look is all it takes to obtain a complete picture of what’s in each of your drawers, assuming that you’ve taken the time to arrange them properly.

Choose The Organization Option

Our advice on maintaining order in your drawers gets us to our next topic, which is the most efficient way to organise your drawers. After all, the usefulness of your drawers is directly proportional to the degree to which they are well organised; if the contents of your drawers are jumbled and disorganised, it won’t make a difference whether or not they are completely extended. You can quickly and easily identify objects within your high-quality kitchen cabinets if you use organisers such as racks, dividers, or trays. This will ensure that your kitchen cabinets live up to their full potential.

Take Advantage of All the Corners

No matter how badly we desire a seamless kitchen plan, the size and form of your space and the cabinets may not coincide, making it impossible for us to have what we want all the time. However, rather than allowing difficult angles and corners to remain unoccupied, why not think outside the box? You may fill the area with the pantry that you’ve always wanted, a shelf for your cookbooks and nutritional guides, or wall hooks that you can use to hang your heavy pots and pans from. Regardless matter where your creative impulses take you, you’ll be glad you took the time to clear off your worktops and organise your cabinets once you see how much space you’ve gained.

Make An Investment In The Kitchen Island As Well As The Kitchen Countertops

All too frequently, kitchen islands are seen as aesthetic pieces with no other use except to act as a spot for impromptu meals or as a dumping ground for various objects that are promptly forgotten about. If these are the only purposes of your island, it’s time to delve a little deeper: couldn’t it also serve as the ideal storage space? If these are the only functions of your island, it’s time to dig a little deeper. It is possible to instal high-quality kitchen cabinets in the base; thus, the answer is an emphatic yes to this question. When it comes to making the most of your space and staying organised, adding drawers is likely your best choice. Oh, and while you’re at it, why don’t you clear up the stuff that’s been sitting on your island’s countertop and put it in the drawers that you just bought?

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