Kitchen Renovations: How Your Kitchen Lighting Affects Your Overall Design

29 March 2018

Lighting has a substantial effect on your overall kitchen design. Not only does it help you see to function in this room, it brings out the best in your other features. Certain finishes and colours appear truer when they are under the right lighting than if it is inadequate. Below, you discover further facts about how your kitchen lighting affects your overall design of this room.

Overhead Lighting Allows All to See Their Way Around the Kitchen

To enhance your kitchen area and to provide it with sufficient lighting for navigational purposes, you should install overhead light fixtures. The control switch should be on the wall next to the entry point of the kitchen. This illumination from this lighting needs to be bright enough to see where you are walking without being harsh.

Task Lighting Creates Efficient Work Areas

When you install task lighting in strategic locations in your kitchen, you create efficient work areas. Examples of where this lighting should go include various parts of the countertops, over the sink and stove and possibly in the pantry depending upon your setup. The fixtures for this lighting should be suitable for each area and have their own on/off switch separate from the one for the overhead lighting.

Mood Lighting Is Ideal for Over the Dining Area

Subdued, mood lighting is the perfect choice for your dining area. While it is bright enough for you to see your food, its illumination is more relaxing than the overhead lighting is and ideal for even romantic dinners. Chandelier-style fixtures are the traditional choice for this area of the kitchen, but you can select whatever style that suits your preferences and style the most.

Dimmers Help You Adjust Lighting in a Precise Manner

Adding dimmer switches or buying light fixtures that come with them is an ideal way to adjust your light level in a precise fashion. With their help, you can gradually increase or decrease the level of illumination until it is just right for your purposes. Dimmers do not cost that much to install and will help you enjoy your lighting choices.

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