Kitchen Splashback Designs and Material Options for Your Consideration

30 January 2018

Today, no kitchen is complete without protection for the walls that are above the stove and countertops. Splashbacks are the ideal elements to keep splatters and grease residue from landing on your painted or wallpapered walls and staining them. While you may think that your choices are limited for these elements, the truth is that the reverse is true. We are here to share our favourite splashback designs and material options to provide an illustration of our statement.


Splashbacks of glass provide multiple benefits since they are easy to clean and reflect light. They will clean up with warm water and mild detergent, commercial glass cleaner or even vinegar and water depending on your preference and the type of substance that you are trying to remove from them. Light bounces off the glass and back into the room creating a pleasant ambiance. Different types and colours of glass are available for these on top of all of this.


Ceramic, porcelain and stone are examples of the types of tile that are usable for splashbacks. The tiles range from small individual ones up to sections of multiple tiles. In addition, you can install a mixture of colours and patterns to create a unique effect with your splashback. Certain tiles even can transport your kitchen back in time with their ‘Old World’ charm.

Stone Slabs

Instead of tiles, you may select to install stone slabs. One advantage of these is the fact that you can match your stone countertops. Marble is just one example of this idea.


Another material that is perfect for splashbacks is metal. You can select from copper, stainless steel, tin and other metals or metal alloys for your specific splashback. Also, the metal can be in pressed designs or in semi-smooth to smooth sheets. If you have a modern kitchen, stainless steel is an ideal complement or one of the other metals.


A fairly new choice on the market today for splashbacks is thermoplastic material that can mimic the appearance of other materials. It is stain and impact resistant, and it is easy to clean with a soft cloth, warm water and mild detergent. On top of all of this, it is easy to install.

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