Kitchen Splashbacks: Pros and Cons of Glass Splashbacks

11 May 2018

When in search of the ideal wall protection for your kitchen walls, there are a myriad of ideal choices in splashback materials. Without examining each and every one of them, though, it is impossible for you to make the right choice for your lifestyle. After all, there are natural stone, tile, glass, metal and other versions available today. To begin your education on this topic, we are presenting the pros and cons of glass splashbacks in the following details.

Advantages of Glass Splashbacks

  • They come in a wide assortment of colours ranging from clear to dark red and other shades. Select the one that complements the rest of your colour theme in the kitchen.
  • Splashbacks also are available in different types of glass. You can select the strength of glass that fits your lifestyle and budget. While regular window glass is the least expensive, toughened glass is the strongest and will resist accidental impacts better. These are just two examples of the glass styles on the market at present.
  • Extremely hygienic is another quality of splashbacks of glass that is difficult for other materials to match. The reason for this is that you can wash the glass with hot water and detergent, steam it or even use a mild bleach solution on it if necessary to remove cooking residues and to sanitise it.
  • You can add task lighting right against the glass without harming it.
  • Glass reflects light back into the room for an attractive enhancement.
  • You can create unique effects with glass splashbacks by installing murals on the wall behind them and using clear glass in order to allow you to admire and protect them.

Disadvantages of Glass Splashbacks

  • If you select regular window glass for your splashbacks, it may not be durable enough for your lifestyle.
  • Installation is a bit more involved with glass splashbacks. Also, toughened glass requires expert cutting skills in order to get it cut right the first time. Remember that cutouts are necessary for wall outlets that are above the counters.
  • Since the installation is a bit tricky with glass splashblacks, they also are more expensive in comparison to other materials.

Only you can decide if glass splashbacks are ideal for your kitchen, but if you need additional information about the pros and cons of them, consult with Richmond Kitchens & Joinery. We will analyse your kitchen and advise you on the best choice of glass for your splashback or show you other options if you prefer a different material. Our company always delivers quality results.

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