Kitchen Storage Unit Solution: Joinery Services to Maximise Kitchen Space

12 April 2023

A larger number of storage units in the kitchen would be beneficial to everyone. Kitchen joinery that is constructed to order is an excellent technique to generate more space that may be used. Do you feel like there isn’t enough storage space in your kitchen? The good news is that joinery and storage solutions for your custom kitchen may be created to look beautiful with your property. At Richmond Kitchens and Joinery, this is one of our primary areas of expertise.

We have clients from Greater Sydney, including Richmond, The Blue Mountains, Penrith, and Blacktown. Every one of our individualised kitchen designs has been a reflection of the way our customers live their lives. We make bespoke kitchen joinery for houses of varying dimensions and configurations using innovative joinery technologies.

Continue reading to understand how custom-built kitchen joinery may increase the number of storage choices available in your kitchen.

The Significance of Having a Kitchen Storage Unit

A kitchen storage unit is essential to the design of any modern kitchen, and since living areas are becoming more open-concept, the kitchen is constantly on display. As a result, it is more crucial than ever to make the correct selections to create a clutter-free atmosphere. We recommend that you begin by separating the layout of your new kitchen into its various sections, determining which areas will be used for preparing food, cooking, washing, dining, relaxing, or working. You will quickly realise that storage will play a different role within each kitchen section. The kitchen has to have enough space for everything, including storing dry ingredients, fresh food, herbs, cooking oils, crockery, cleaning supplies, and cooking instruments like pots and pans.

It is essential to make storage as adaptable as possible, and it is critical to use even the tiniest of spaces to guarantee that your new kitchen’s layout is user-friendly and that it is a pleasure to spend time there. In this article, we will look at some wonderful instances of creative storage that can assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Units Options

Pull-Out Pantries

Pull-out pantries are an excellent way to utilise restricted wall space and can be customised to fit even the smallest areas. A pull-out pantry offers excellent accessibility because it is open on all sides, saving time and effort to reach remote corners. When placed close to cooking surfaces like the stove or oven, pull-out pantries of a more compact size make excellent spice racks and storage locations for various other things, such as cling wrap and baking paper. Pull-out pantries not only guarantee that all kitchen things are stored in one place that is neat but they can also be built to fit in seamlessly with the cabinetry already there in the kitchen.

Open Shelving

One of the most widespread trends occurring in homes nowadays is the installation of open shelves in place of wall cabinets. It generates room and light, which is especially beneficial in kitchens on the smaller side, and the shelves can be put to use displaying ornamental items as well as keeping items like plates, bowls, and dishes utilised daily. You may get a warmer and more inviting vibe from open shelves, everything is easier to access, the space can be better organised, and you already know the result has the potential to look great, thanks to all of the pictures on Pinterest and Houzz. It is also a highly cost-efficient method to design a new kitchen since shelves are considerably cheaper than cabinets and quicker to install. This makes it a very cost-effective way to design a new kitchen. Everyone is concerned about the dust, but to tell you the truth, there won’t be a problem if the plates and bowls are used frequently. Also, a monthly cleaning with a Swiffer duster will remove any surface dust quickly and easily.

Multi-Purpose Drawers

If you only keep cutlery, t-towels, and food bags in your kitchen drawers, you’re in for a surprise. What we can currently store in drawers and the alternatives available are fundamentally altering how we plan and build our ideal kitchen. It’s evident that the kind and position of your cutlery drawer are crucial considerations, but you can now keep herbs, spices, and even flour and sugar in conveniently accessible drawers, eliminating the need to store products in cabinets. There are drawers for baking trays, rubbish and recycling bins, specific utensils, and even drawers for wine bottles.

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