Latest Trends for a Modern Kitchen

30 January 2019

Kitchen styles have gone through many transformations over the years to keep up with the latest trends. The same holds true in 2019. Certain popular features will no longer be in style while new ones will take their place. Also, a few old favourites will still be in style but may be updated with a fresh twist. We elaborate on all of this in the information that follows.

All-White Kitchens Are on the Way Out

Colours are back in for the kitchen in the latest trend. All-white kitchens are no longer in style. Black, navy blue, olive, sage and wood tones are examples of what will be trending in 2019 for kitchen cabinets and décor elements.

Customised Storage Is Trending More Than Ever Before

Today, you no longer need to accept inadequate, stock storage options. You can customise these options to suit your unique needs. Some examples of this include pull-out shelves in cabinets, specialised pantry layouts and skinny storage for in between the refrigerator and cabinets are just three examples of what we mean.

Smart Features in Kitchens Is another Latest Trend

Modern technology is helping homeowners in many areas of the home and is now available for smart features in kitchens. Motion-controlled faucets, digital refrigerator screens for a variety of uses and digital control options for lighting are just some of the smart features trending this year.

Engineered Quartz Is Still Trending

The use of engineered quartz is still trending for kitchen countertops due to its durability, low-maintenance and wide range of colours and patterns. It beats all other countertop materials in durability and care instructions since it holds up to all types of conditions, does not require sealing and is a snap to clean.

Kitchens Islands Increase in Popularity

Even though kitchen islands have been popular for years, they will be more so this year. Various designs are possible for these islands that range from simple work spaces to the inclusion of additional storage or seating options. The only determining factor of these islands is whether you have the available floor space for them.

Combine the New with the Old

If you renovate your kitchen to keep it in style, one trend is to use at least some of your old elements and add the new to them. This blend of old and new enhances your kitchen in a unique and at times, an eclectic fashion.

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