Materials Worth Considering for Modern Kitchen Splashbacks

28 July 2022

When it comes to a kitchen’s aesthetics and durability, a backsplash is a key design element. This collection of six kitchen backsplash designs is both. With so many possibilities accessible to you now, your kitchen backsplash is an area where you can go wild with your creative ideas. You might think your splashback is all about protecting your walls from the assault of drips and splatters that come with a busy kitchen.

Your kitchen cabinetry is already beautiful, so why not make it stand out even more with a design element that complements it? While looking at the finest material choices for kitchen splashbacks and what they can give you in terms of both utility and design, ask yourself this question.


In the kitchen, toughened glass splashbacks are an excellent choice since they are both durable and simple to clean. Even if they’re created to order, they’re simple to put in place. High-gloss splashbacks are an excellent option if you prefer this style. Recycled aluminium gives it a similar mirror-like lustre, but it consumes less energy to create than virgin aluminium and is impervious to steam and fire as well.

Reflective Splashbacks: The Mirror Way

Using glass as a backsplash provides an appearance of depth because of its reflected properties. This is especially true with a mirror, which may provide the illusion of a larger space. The main drawback to mirrored splashbacks is the potential for stains and spills. Kitchens benefit greatly from the use of aged mirror glass, which not only adds a wonderful antique flair but also helps hide any messes that may develop between cleaning sessions.

The Traditional Composite Stone

If you have your heart set on a natural stone style, there are lots of solutions accessible to you that will allow you to reproduce the appearance without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, a composite Quartz splashback outperforms natural stone in the kitchen. This is the case even from a purely practical standpoint. Quartz splashbacks are resistant to stains, chemicals, scratches, and heat, making them one of the most durable materials available. It will be difficult to find a material more durable than quartz.

Metallic Material

Even behind stovetops, stainless steel is a popular material for countertops. However, if you choose choices made of stainless steel, wet spots may appear if splashes aren’t cleaned up right away, and dents may form in stainless steel panels if they aren’t installed correctly. Leaning into the natural patina that may build over time is a contemporary approach to appreciating a metallic backsplash. This is the current method. A backsplash made of verdigris copper, for example, makes a dramatic statement while being durable enough to be used in a busy kitchen.

How About a Crazier Option Like Wallpapers?

The idea of using wallpaper as a backsplash might sound completely out of this world, but this is not your typical wallpaper. KitchenWalls has developed a selection of unbreakable PVC murals that are also resistant to heat and water, making them an excellent choice for use as a backsplash for a stove or sink. There is a wide variety of wallpaper splashback material that is both inexpensive and simple to instal. One example of this is vinyl, which is available in a wide variety of different patterns and designs.

Got another material in mind that is missing from this list? Contact us to tell us more or just enquire about what we can offer to your kitchens.

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