Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas with a Modern Touch

30 April 2021

Streamlining and simplifying your kitchen’s food prepping and cooking spaces need not interfere with the room’s stylish appeal. Nor should it limit the overall high functionality of this major room in your home. While some homeowners view minimalist design as a style and mode of aesthetics and decor, to others it means greater storage room and less benchtop clutter.

Even the most basic of minimalist kitchen decor can benefit from some sparks of colour and unexpected touches of texture and patterning. A minimalist kitchen interior can include everything that you need for dicing, slicing, blending, mixing and cooking. At the same time, it can display calm, collected and simplified design and decor.

Once you get accustomed to the term ‘minimalist,’ realising that you need not give up your treasured cooking implements, appliances and devices to achieve its effects, you can relax and enjoy its pleasing serenity.

Attractive Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas with a Pleasing Modern Touch

Some attractive minimalist kitchen design ideas with an innovative and pleasing modern touch include the following:

  • Colour Pops and Natural Textures. When you banish clutter and confusion from your kitchen, creating a calm, clear and inviting cooking environment, pops of colour are welcome additions.

Just some strokes of rose red, goldenrod or brilliant turquoise in splashback tiling or wall and floor tiles can add character and charm to the overall room decor. Brightly coloured upholstered kitchen bar seats can also brighten and enliven your kitchen interior in a pleasing way.

  • Clever Style Blend of Maximalist and Minimalist. You can mix dark, mood-provoking colours and tones with light natural textures, such as using pitch black splashback tiling and natural fibre is woven window curtains and chair backs. These moody tiles combine minimalist and maximalist styles, yet the simplistic minimalist decor is never overpowered by the maximalist dark moodiness.

The presence of lighter, less dynamic decor creates the necessary visual balance between the two styles. Large and small furnishings and accessories can have the same balancing effects on one another.

  • Minimalist Decor that Features the Food. An all-white or neutral kitchen with slim, flat-front cabinetry offers a classic minimal design. It forms a monochromatic canvas on which the foods and beverages being prepared become the painting colours.

Swing-out cabinets and cupboards create extra out-of-sight storage space while the sleek-lined kitchen island hides multiple dishes and flatware drawers. In this kitchen, food and drink take centre stage.

  • Simple Kitchen Decor with Built-in Dining Table. By adding a built-in dining table that extends around two sides of your kitchen island, you can create a stylish yet cozy eating area for quiet dinners and casual snacks. This versatile table can also double as a beverage service bar when you entertain. The simple, streamlined design of the table is mirrored by the sleek kitchen cabinetry.

When you consult our experts at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery located in Grose Vale, NSW, you will benefit from top-calibre advice, minimalist kitchen designs and installation services for your kitchen update. Our experienced professional team will ensure that your minimalist kitchen will have the ultimate modern touches to completely satisfy and even surpass your expectations and needs.

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