Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2022

28 January 2022

Your kitchen backsplash is a major element of design for your food prepping and cooking spaces. In past years, the backsplash was mainly functional, protecting your kitchen walls from splashes of water and food juices or beverages. Yet today, choosing the right material, colours and textures for this important design element is essential to ensure the attractiveness and quality of your kitchen interior.

The latest stylish trends in backsplash designs for 2022 are diverse. They vary from large rectangular stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles to colourful or sedate zigzag wallpaper. Using repurposed materials for your kitchen backsplash is also a trend that is constantly increasing in popularity.

Stylish New Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2022

Fashionable and functional new modern backsplash ideas to enhance your kitchen in 2022 include the following:

• Tile Envelopes. Wall envelope designs in which the backsplash tile extends upward to the ceiling are quite popular for 2022. Mirrored glass or coloured glass tiling are frequent choices for this backsplash design among homeowners in the new year. While mirrored glass opens up your room visually, coloured glass tiles brighten your kitchen with reflected light.

• Extended Tiling. Another growing trend in backsplash styling for 2022 is extending your benchtop stone tiling to include the backsplash. For example, if you have a lustrous marble benchtop, you can use the same beautiful marble to create your adjoining backsplash.

• Mosaic Tiles. If you have a benchtop or kitchen island that is bordered in beautifully coloured miniature mosaic tiles, you may want a backsplash composed of the same design in larger tiles. Mosaic tiling is an excellent choice for a relatively dark kitchen that receives little natural lighting. The lovely hues of the mosaics will brighten your kitchen interior with sparks of colour and reflected light.

• Retro Wallpaper. There is currently a definite upswing in the popularity of retro wallpaper for use as backsplash material in 2022. From 1960s hard-edged geometric designs to ‘50s natural scenic styles to colourful floral patterns from traditional classic design, there is something for everyone in these vintage wallpaper choices.

• Metal Panels.Using metal panels, you can create a backsplash that will match your stainless-steel appliances. If you prefer, you can use metal alloys that resemble copper or chrome and include hammered designs in the metal. With a metal backsplash installed in your kitchen, you will benefit from an abundance of reflected light. The natural light from your windows during the day and your artificial kitchen lighting at night will be reflected beautifully by your creative metal backsplash.

By consulting our experts at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery located in Grose Vale, NSW, you can obtain top-rated advice concerning modern kitchen backsplash ideas for 2022. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal backsplash materials and designs to greatly enhance your entire kitchen interior.

Whether your preference is for mirrored or coloured glass tiles, natural stone or ceramic tiling, mosaics or metal panels for your new backsplash, our team will assist you. They will ensure that your updated backsplash for 2022 completely satisfies and even surpasses your every desire, preference and need.

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