Modern Kitchen Renovation Checklist for 2018: What’s New in Style?

24 January 2018

Interior design details and decor trends for 2018 are a definite change from the recent minimalist designs. However, most decor experts are advising that homeowners who are planning to renovate their kitchen areas this year avoid overdoing or cluttering room decor. Keep your benchtop areas clean and clear of kitchen utensils and accessories. Subway tiling is taking the place of glass or mirrored splashback materials. Freestanding cupboards and appliances are back in vogue to give your culinary preparation and cooking areas a definite 1950s retro look and atmosphere. The second kitchen, or “scullery” kitchen is also gaining in popularity, enabling homeowners to prepare daily meals behind the scene while keeping their larger kitchens as spotless, showroom display rooms reserved for use to prepare and serve dinner party menus and large holiday family meals.

Checklist for 2018 Kitchen Renovations with Fresh, New Style

An accurate checklist for fresh, innovative style in kitchen renovations features for 2018 includes the following:

  • Kitchen Joinery and Tapware. – Joinery designs for kitchens this year are featuring the beauty and luster of natural hardwoods like Red Oak, Cherry Mahogany and Jarrah. By emphasizing their attractive grains, textures and hues, designers and decor professionals are skillfully combining these natural timber finishes with colourfully painted features and accessories. Hand-painted decor is a popular trend this year, and appliance finishes range in hues from bright or deep primary colors to more subtle and subdued neutral and antique shades. Tapware and joinery hardware is trending toward favoring chrome, brass and matte black finishes.
  • Decor Colour Choices. – Try changing your kitchen interior colours this year to blues or greens. Moss and dark forest green are now popular, but if you are not comfortable with such strong colour choices, you can stay with neutral shades and still be in vogue for 2018. Many decor specialists are recommending using these colours as accents on kitchen islands, cabinetry and shelving as well as tables and seating in adjoining eating areas. These strong colours give your kitchen and dining or snack areas a more dynamic style without overpowering the main decor statement. Many designers are using combinations of grey and taupe for a definite, but softer kitchen interior colour choice.
  • Design Details and Accessories. – By including a hand-painted bar cart or custom-coloured wallpaper design in your new kitchen’s decorative features, you will brighten and enhance your overall design for the room’s interior. Natural wood accessories, candles and flowers in your bar and eating areas are also recommended for this year. Attractive wall paneling and art are also essentials for being in vogue with your new kitchen and eating area decor. Earthen jars and ceramic pots that contain fresh growing herbs placed on your benchtop areas are also a popular natural decorative feature for 2018.

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