New Kitchen Designs for Sydney Homes to Watch Out for in the Year 2022

22 November 2021

Vibrant colours and innovative furnishings will highlight new kitchen design trends for Sydney homes in 2022. This is a welcome change to anticipate following the subdued hues and minimalist designs of 2021. The strong emphasis on sustainability has encouraged a growing tendency to include vintage items of decor in 2022 kitchen interiors.

In the coming year, we will see a focus on individual preferences, desires and needs in new kitchen designs. Mixing and matching older and new kitchen furnishings is also a trend to watch for during 2022. Along with a focus on individual preferences, including self-expression in selecting elements of kitchen design and decor is also a major trend.

Fresh New Kitchen Designs for Sydney Homes to Expect in 2022

Fresh and inspiring new kitchen designs for Sydney homes to watch for in 2022 include the following:

  • Bold Gemstone Colours. Vibrant jewel-like colours are being featured for kitchen backsplash ideas and statement walls for 2022. The subtle whites and pastels of 2021 are rapidly disappearing. Among featured colours for the coming season, peacock blue, golden mustard, forest green and plum red are favourites. These rich hues can be balanced with soft white or cream tones in tiling and accents.
  • Creamy Marble with Gold Accents. Offering another form of balance to the bold new colours for the coming year, creamy shades in marble with gold and brass-toned accents are trending. An off-white marble benchtop and countertops with feathery grey veining lend a pleasing touch of simple sophistication to a kitchen interior. By adding stunning gold or brass kitchen sink tapware and cabinetry hardware, a pleasing ambience of light classic elegance can be achieved.
  • Natural Materials from Different Eras. Sustainable materials and eco-friendly products are currently in high demand for home design and decor. When you combine a smooth, fashionable marble benchtop and countertops with richly grained, repurposed and unfinished natural wood cabinets and cupboards, the result is a fresh, vitalising kitchen environment. Although the repurposed wood appears to be older than the sleek marble, of course, it took multiple centuries for the Earth to create the marble.
  • Innovative Skylight Designs.Beautiful skylights with new, innovative designs are gaining popularity for brightening kitchen interiors in 2022. These stylish and practical ceiling windows bring pure, natural sunlight and fresh air into your kitchen interior during the day, eliminating the need for using artificial light and ventilating fans. In the evening hours after dark, you and your entire household can also enjoy stargazing through your elegant windows to the sky.

When you consult our experts at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery located in Grose Vale, NSW, you will receive excellent information and advice about new 2022 kitchen designs for Sydney homes. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal new styles and trends for updating your kitchen with stunning and inspiring design and decor for the coming year.

Our superb team will help you combine older and new ideas, design modes and decor to create your own unique customised kitchen interior. They will ensure that your new kitchen design for 2022 completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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