Our Expert Suggestions for An Alfresco Extension in your Home

24 October 2022

Do you wish you could enjoy the summer by spending more time in the beautiful outdoors? No method is more effective than designing a magnificent outdoor living space. A polished alfresco area can add value and appeal to your house as you enjoy the fresh air while it was built with fine timber and treated to avoid weather damage. When you have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and elegant furnishings, you can throw barbecues every weekend and bask in the warmth of the sun for many hours at a time.

Need some assistance with the planning for your brand new outdoor space? The following are some of the most fabulous ideas for an alfresco extension, which may serve as inspiration for the design and construction process.

More Room, More Fun!

An indoor/outdoor space conveniently located just off the dining room or kitchen will guarantee that you are still a part of the action, even when preparing food and beverages inside. The ideal option for hosting gatherings throughout the warm summer months is to keep the discussion going and leave the doors open so the breeze can come in.

Get Them BBQs Grilling!

We understand that room for an outdoor kitchen is one of our clients’ most essential features, and we provide it. It is crucial to have a barbeque or outdoor kitchen ready for those fantastic get-togethers, as a barbeque is a traditional summertime event in Australia.

When we create your brand-new outdoor living space, we will ensure that you have adequate room for a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Your summer will be perfect now that you have a beautiful alfresco area from Richmond Kitchens. Sizzle up some sausage sandwiches, grill some steaks, or cook some vegetable kebabs.

Make Sure There’s Enough Light

Are you going to continue the celebration into the night? To create the appropriate ambience, you will want some high-quality outdoor lights. Consider adding recessed lighting, which is incorporated into the ceiling and provides adequate light for late-night cocktails. This type of lighting has the added benefit of being sleek, tidy, and contemporary.

Richmond Kitchen should be contacted regarding the possibility of installing lights in your outdoor gathering space.

Wood is Classy

It is impossible to have a fully functional outdoor area without furniture. Because your dining set will spend most of its life in the great outdoors, you will need to select an option that is durable and resistant to the elements. Teak, cedar, and acacia are popular choices for outdoor furniture because they are long-lasting and resistant to the effects of environmental damage. Timber has been the material of choice for outdoor furniture for many decades. In addition, the use of timber in your outdoor design is a simple way to give a touch of warmth.

Trusting the Right Contractor

Are you ready to start using your brand-new outdoor living space? Get in touch with the staff at Richmond Kitchens to receive further details on the prices of an alfresco extension and for ideas regarding the design process. We have assisted hundreds of Australian homeowners in constructing stunning outdoor living spaces for their properties, and we can do the same for you!

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