Outdoor Kitchen Checklist for Your Sydney Home

23 October 2020

Integrating an outdoor kitchen for your Sydney home can bring you numerous benefits. It can easily increase the value of your home if ever you intend to sell it in the future. An outdoor kitchen can likewise be a great place for you, your family, and your guests to stay and hang out. Sometimes, cooking activities can also be much easier in your outdoor kitchen, especially if it has more space than the indoor one. And on some days, the natural bright lighting and fresh cool air from the outside can help you save energy.

With these benefits, you may truly think of having an outdoor kitchen for your home. But before finding a reliable contractor for your kitchen, you may want to consider and do all the things that are indicated on the following checklist.

Assess Property Condition

Just like regular construction work, the space allocated for your outdoor kitchen and its surrounding area must all be assessed and reviewed first. These places need to be safe from any potential fire or heat issues as kitchens can heat up from time to time. Utilities such as water and electricity must also be checked to ensure that your outdoor kitchen will have these elements geared up and ready to go.

Overall Layout and Position

Other elements to consider when designing and planning for your outdoor kitchen is its layout and placement of fixtures, appliances, and other elements. A great outdoor kitchen layout must allow the one who is cooking to move around the area freely without any obstructions. Additionally, people around this area must be able to access all their needs and do their tasks seamlessly, making the placement of elements crucial to the overall functionality of the outdoor kitchen. Placing a seating or dining counter in the outdoor kitchen can also be done so that people around this place can still talk to each other.

Kitchen Counter Qualities

If there is one element that must be truly considered in an outdoor kitchen or any other kitchen area, that would be the kitchen counter. It serves as the primary work surface in a kitchen, where people get to prepare, cook, and serve delicious meals. The qualities and specifications of your counter will all depend on your preferred usage and overall kitchen design. Therefore, you must personally pick its height, material, texture, style, shape, colour, and other properties that would still make it practical for you.

Considering the Grill Type

What makes an outdoor kitchen special is that it can possess additional pieces of cooking equipment for your home, allowing you to have special meal types. Grills and other similar cooking equipment are often placed outside as they typically emit huge amounts of smoke that can be dangerous indoors. With your outdoor kitchen, you can now allocate space just for these special pieces of cooking equipment. You may want to purchase a rotisserie that can be great for roasting and barbecuing meat. You may also incorporate side burners so you can heat sauces, sauté vegetables, and cook fish.

Thinking about these things before consulting a reliable contractor can easily help reduce time in conceptualising your preferred outdoor kitchen design and layout. If you want to have your own outdoor kitchen, feel free to contact us at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery.

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