Plan Your Kitchen Renovation without Exceeding Your Budget

14 February 2018

Most homeowners with plans to renovate their kitchens discover that it takes some creative balancing of their allotted spending budgets. No one wants a low-cost remodeling job that will need redoing within a short time or new kitchen appliances that will need constant repairs. Certain items and aspects of your kitchen update need top priority in your makeover cost allowance while others can be purchased or accomplished at lower price rates.

The key is to determine which items of equipment and types of structural updates and decor you can spend less money on and which ones will require the top percentages of your renovating budget. When consulting with your home kitchen design expert to decide how to finalize your kitchen update spending plan, be sure to focus on the creative aesthetics, style and practical functionality of your overall design for your kitchen’s attractive, helpful and cost-effective makeover.

Plan a Complete Kitchen Renovation without Exceeding Your Budget

As a homeowner with the desire to update your kitchen, you may be surprised and elated to discover that it truly is possible to plan and undertake the complete renovation of your home kitchen while staying within your remodeling budget. Important ideas for cost-efficient kitchen renovations include the following:

  • Buy Quality Appliances at Discount Rates with Package Deals. – Since your appliances are the featured stars of your kitchen decor, you should be prepared to spend for the brand and models that meet your preferences and your meal preparation habits and needs. Never deny yourself the convenience of a self-cleaning (pyrolytic) system, even if it means spending more. This feature will save you hours of cleaning time and effort in the future. Energy-conserving appliances should also be high on your list today. A good practice for cutting purchase costs is to ask your appliance store or dealer if you can buy store models at a discount rate. Also, be sure to inquire about product package deals. This option will enable you to buy your oven and rangehood at the listed price while getting a reduced price on your new cooktop or grill.
  • Purchase Top Quality Hinge Hardware While Saving on Cabinet Doors. – Remember to spend whatever amount is necessary on top quality hinge hardware. Kitchen cabinet doors that pull away from their hinges and drawers that stick and jam or separate from their runners due to faulty or weak hardware are a constant hindrance to smooth food prepping and enjoyable cooking. However, you can cut back on spending when it comes to cabinet doors. Especially since these doors are among the most frequently changed and replaced items in kitchen decor, just choose a timber or finish and design that pleases you and is for sale at a low or modest price.
  • Buy Higher Priced Benchtops and Cut Costs on Splashbacks. – Because your benchtop will get heavy-duty use during daily kitchen activity, you should choose one of fine caliber material. By selecting a strong natural granite, you will have an attractive benchtop that will resist damage from food stains, high heat and dark liquids or oils. Another good choice for an appealing benchtop that is sturdy and resilient is one made of engineered stone. When shopping for your splashback, however, you can plan to save some funds. By choosing a splashback made of acrylic rather than glass or one constructed of tiles, you can save money and still enjoy a colorful, attractive decorative effect. Just be sure, if you choose acrylic for your splashback material, to keep it at a safe distance from the heat generated by your cooktop. Tiling is durable, attractive and easy to install, and all of these options are easy to clean and maintain.

When you consult the expert kitchen building and renovating team at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery in Grose Vale, NSW, you will benefit from top quality advice, designs, craftsmanship and installation to complete your new kitchen makeover. This very experienced, professional team will truly create and complete the ideal modern kitchen of your dreams.

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