Pro Tips for A Great Kitchen Splashback

08 November 2022

The kitchen backsplash is possibly the one surface in the kitchen design that has seen the most significant transformation in terms of its function. Once firmly established as a functional protector, guarding the walls against everything that family life had to throw at it, it has taken on many other functions, ranging from being a way to introduce colour or texture into your design to acting as a host for shelving or assisting a scheme in feeling as though it has more space. Finding the optimal solution that satisfies all these requirements might be challenging; for example, aesthetically pleasing materials aren’t necessarily simple to keep clean, and conventional approaches might not provide the “wow” effect on your wish list. Do you not know where to begin?

Here are some clever suggestions to spark your imagination.

Reflect On Possible Design Considerations

In the same way that glass splashbacks have been finding their way into modern kitchen designs, mirrored splashbacks have also been gaining popularity. It is not difficult to understand why. Mirrored panels can make a room appear brighter by reflecting light around it and giving the impression that a kitchen has more space. This is an excellent design choice for a small kitchen facing the north. If the typical silver tones are too harsh, you may add warmth by installing a smoked, bronzed, or aged mirror, or you can break up the expanse by installing convenient shelves. Copper panels are also rising in popularity but require a little more upkeep to keep their sparkling appearance. Metal, such as stainless steel, designed for professional use, will also do the same job if you need something that requires a little less maintenance.

Incorporate Other Materials

Tiles continue to be a practical option, even though there is a wide variety of different materials to select from; nevertheless, there is no requirement that a whole area is tiled in unobtrusive colours or patterns. A simple method to get an eclectic atmosphere ideal for a traditional kitchen with a contemporary twist is to combine different patterns that are the same colour but have varying hues of the same design. Designs based on geometry, the tiles of Morocco, or historical eras function particularly well.

Make Glossy Good Looks A Choice

Because it is durable and simple to maintain, the glass kitchen backsplash has replaced ceramic tiles in many kitchens. This trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. However, while a continuous span of plain glass that has been back-painted might be a simple method to introduce colour, there is more than one way to employ this flexible material. Block or mosaic glass tiles are just as remarkable and allow you to create one-of-a-kind designs. Alternatively, you could go with a fused glass backsplash with various colours and shapes in addition to stunning texture and pattern. If you want to be even more creative, choose a large expanse of low iron toughened clear glass or acrylic and use it to cover a kitchen backsplash created from your favourite feature wallpaper or a painted pattern. This will allow you to have even more freedom of expression.

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