Renovate and Brighten Up Your Dark and Boring Kitchen with Richmond Kitchens

11 May 2021

If your current home kitchen decor seems increasingly dark and boring each time you start to prepare meals and snacks, consider a renovating project to add some spark. Especially since your kitchen is most likely the busiest room in your household, it should have bright and attractive furnishings and decor to provide a cheerful, inviting home centre.

Most families today gather in the kitchen during meal preparation time to relax and discuss events of the day. This popular room is also a great place to entertain good friends and neighbours with drinks, casual snacks and friendly conversation before dinner. Having a warm, welcoming kitchen for enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or juice on dreary winter mornings while your fix breakfast is also essential to happy family life.

Ways to Brighten and Enliven Your Home Kitchen Interior 

You can brighten up your home kitchen interior with some simple yet effective renovating tips, such as the following:

  • Choose a Vibrant Colour Scheme. By adding bright pops of colour throughout your dark kitchen, you can avoid repainting the entire room. Just by hanging bright window curtains in primary colours and lively patterns, you will energise the room with fresh style and vitality.
  • Install a White Porcelain Benchtop. If you install a pristine white porcelain benchtop and a matching kitchen bar countertop with red, blue or green cushioned bar stool seats, you can accent the colourful window curtains. This will also rejuvenate your boring neutral bar area for lively chats with family members and friends.
  • Hang Luminous Pendant Lantern Lights. Try installing a series of copper or brass and clear glass pendant lantern lights above your benchtop and food prepping areas. By using remote dimmers, you can choose between bright, invigorating lights for cooking or subtle, romantic lighting to enhance your refreshing end-of-day beverage service.
  • Install Tiered Wall Plant Shelves. On a wall that is not already in use for storage shelving and dinnerware cabinets, consider installing some creatively tiered open wall shelves for displaying plants and flowers. This is an ideal and healthy way to add colour, style and a touch of the healthy outdoors to your new kitchen environment.
  • Add Colourful New Splashback Tiling. When you install brightly coloured glass or ceramic splashback tiles to your kitchen decor, more delightful colour pops will catch and reflect the lighting. You may find yourself and others in your household spending even more time in your kitchen. You can look forward to many future hours of shared enjoyment during fun-filled gatherings in your newly revitalized kitchen.

By consulting our building and renovating team at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery in Grose Vale, NSW, you will receive excellent advice, designs and innovative kitchen refurbishing services. Our fine team of experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the perfect colour scheme, materials, designs and patterns to completely renew your home’s most popular room.

You, your entire household, your neighbours and friends will delight in gathering at your bright and friendly kitchen bar. Your kitchen may well become the favourite neighbourhood spot for fun and casual relaxation over tall drinks and tasty foods.

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