Things that Matter Most in Kitchen Renovation Design

14 September 2021

There are many elements and aspects of design and decor to consider when planning your kitchen renovations. While some of these are valid secondary considerations, others are truly necessities for creating a fashionable and functional new kitchen interior. When you give full attention to these major elements, the smaller aspects of the overall room design will automatically assume greater degrees of practical or aesthetic value.

The design and constructional elements that will have the greatest impact are the ones that directly affect your daily activities in the kitchen. Anything that affects your movement around your kitchen interior while prepping foods and cooking is of primary importance. Your quality of daily life in your home kitchen should equal that of all of your favourite rooms and spaces throughout the layout of your home.

Elements that Matter the Most in Your Kitchen Renovation Design

The aesthetic and practical elements that matter the most in your plans for a home kitchen renovation include the following:

  1. Your Kitchen Triangle. One essential rule for achieving a successful home kitchen renovation project is maintaining your kitchen triangle. This is the triangular walking path that joins your kitchen range, sink and refrigerator. Without this visible and usable triangular path, every meal or snack that you prepare in your kitchen will require twice as much time to complete as normally necessary.
  2. Cabinet Placement and Height. When taking measurements for installing overhead cabinetry above your sink, stovetop and benchtop areas, be sure to place your cabinets at a convenient and safe height on the wall. If they are too low, any tall members or your household will risk bumping their heads on cabinet bottoms and doors while preparing foods and beverages. If they are too high, you or the shorter household members may not be able to reach them for access to stored items.
  3. Storage Unit Mobility. It can be a great space-saver in small or galley-style kitchens to have some mobile storage units. For example, modern cabinets that swing outward from the walls when in use and then return to their wall-side places when not needed can be very useful.

Kitchen islands that are mounted on wheels are also quite convenient when you need to access stored items in their lower storage cupboards and shelves. It is also helpful to use your island as a rolling service device for serving foods and beverages when hosting parties and family dinners.

  1. Open Wall Shelving. Open shelving lining the unused walls of your kitchen can always be helpful. You can easily locate spices, herbs and various condiments on your shelves with a single glance while preparing foods and cooking.

When you consult our experts at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery located in Grose Vale, NSW, and serving all surrounding regions, you will receive excellent advice and tips concerning the elements that matter the most when planning kitchen renovations.

Our experienced professionals can also offer you customised designs plus full construction and installation services to perform a superior kitchen renovation project for your home. Our pros will ensure that all aspects of your new kitchen interior will meet and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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