Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Splashbacks

13 October 2020

One part of the kitchen that must be thoroughly considered by homeowners would be its splashbacks. Kitchen splashbacks are a panel of materials that are intended to protect walls and other surfaces from splashes and spills from food products. They can also ensure that the walls behind them will not get damaged by the heat emitted by the stove or any other cooking equipment.

As mentioned, these splashbacks are made from materials that can easily protect the walls from various elements. Given their primary functionality, they must be made from materials that are capable of withstanding different sets of damages. And since kitchens are often known as the heart of a home, the splashbacks must have an appearance that can strongly reflect the personality of the whole property.

If you are currently choosing kitchen splashbacks for your property, then here are some of the most important things that you need to consider before picking and buying them.

Material Options

Splashbacks can be made from different materials. Some of these materials include glass, stainless steel, tiles, and pressed metal. If you want your kitchen to have a more traditional look, then you may want to choose kitchen splashbacks that are made from tiles or pressed metal. Alternatively, if you want a kitchen that has a contemporary or streamlined look, then you may want to opt for glass splashbacks. As an additional tip, your splashbacks can look great if their materials are similar to your benchtop materials.

Splashback Colours

Your colour options for your kitchen splashbacks will hugely depend on the material that you have chosen. Additionally, as you choose your colour theme, you may want to consider the role of your splashbacks on your whole kitchen area. Highlighting your kitchen benchtop typically means that you have to make your splashbacks possess more subtle colours. A benchtop with neutral colours, on the other hand, can work perfectly with splashbacks that have primary feature colours.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in presenting your kitchen to your family and visitors. And so, if you want to integrate more natural lighting to your kitchen, then you may want to try installing a splashback window. This specific window lets you bring the natural lighting from outdoors and amplify the looks of your kitchen. Mirror splashbacks can also work if you want to make your kitchen look bigger. This type of splashback can easily reflect and echo both natural and artificial light around the kitchen.

Overall Maintenance                                                          

Another important thing to consider when choosing kitchen splashbacks is their overall cleaning and maintenance. Choosing kitchen splashbacks that can guarantee you a fast cleaning option can make your life easy since you do not have to spend too much time just to remove all dirty elements. You do not even have to call for professional help just to get them cleaned. Moreover, you must consider the cleaning and maintenance needs of grout as it can be problematic for some splashback options in the long run.

These important things, alongside other personal factors such as budget and kitchen needs, must all be considered to make your splashbacks functional and appealing. For the best splashbacks out there, feel free to contact us at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery.

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