Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

30 May 2022

Although the kitchen backsplash requires only a limited amount of space in your overall room interior design, it can be quite influential. The backsplash in attractive dynamic or subtle hues and materials serves as a coordinating element between the kitchen benchtop and the upper wall or cabinetry. It can also serve as a bright or sedate accent for other items in your kitchen design and decor.

Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Styles for Your Next Exciting Kitchen Remodel

Some attractive and timeless backsplash ideas and styles to consider for your next innovative kitchen remodel include the following:

• Picasso-Style Cubist Tiling. A cubist-style approach to your new backsplash with a visually volumetric display of geometrically shaped tiles in marble, coloured glass, ceramic or porcelain can create a unique and highly appealing display.

• Sleek White Semi-Gloss Metro Tiles. Pristine white semi-gloss metro tiles in porcelain make a simple, yet elegant kitchen backsplash. For a different look and feel, give these rectangular tiles a vertical placement. This can vary the look appealingly from the standard horizontally placed subway tiles that are so commonly used for a backsplash material.

• Scalloped Ceramic Tiles. Scalloped ceramic tiling in deep clay red, pumpkin or sea-foam green creates a warm, colourful backsplash for your new kitchen remodel. While the tiles are simple and earthy in composition and texture, the hues are lighthearted and compelling. This stylish backsplash is quite durable and timeless in its design.

• Bright Cement Patterned Tiles. By using bright blue, green or golden cement tiling with a carefree brushed white pattern, you can produce a fun-loving, relaxed artsy kitchen atmosphere. Your entire household plus friends and neighbours will enjoy gathering in your creatively designed kitchen to enjoy tall drinks and lively conversation.

• Metallic Chrome Backsplash. When you decorate your kitchen interior with a contemporary metallic chrome backsplash, you can create a cross between an industrial and a boho kitchen. Its bold, unmistakable metallic sheen styles a simply-appointed minimalist corner haven amid a busy industrial-boho home kitchen.

• Decorative Clay Tiling. Decorative clay tiling with unfinished surfaces makes a charming backsplash for your new kitchen remodelling project. The clay surfaces lend a touch of rugged warmth and nature’s pure beauty to this casual-chic kitchen interior. Due to the porous clay surfaces of the tiles, your kitchen will maintain a slightly cool and moist atmosphere, even on extra-warm days.

When you contact our excellent team at Richmond Kitchens and Joinery located in Grose Vale, NSW, you will obtain top-rated advice and designs for the attractive and practical backsplash materials of your choice. Our fine team of experienced designers and artisans can guide you in selecting the ideal stylish and practical materials, textures and colours for creating the stunning and durable kitchen backsplash of your dreams.

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