Tips in Selecting the Best Kitchen Appliances When Doing Kitchen Renovations

27 September 2018

Kitchen renovations often call for replacing the appliances as well as other elements in the room. While homeowners may spend sufficient time planning all other aspects of their remodeling job, they may overlook the importance of choosing the best kitchen appliances for their purposes. As a result, they become dissatisfied quickly with their finished renovation rather than celebrate it. To help you avoid this issue with your renovation, read our following tips on selecting the best kitchen appliances for your kitchen refurbishing.

Choose What Finish Complements Your Kitchen Décor in the Ideal Fashion

Decide which finish on the appliances will best suit your purposes. Today, the most common ones are stainless steel, white enamel, black enamel and in some cases black metallic. However, specialty colours can be found and one example of this is mahogany.

Ensure That Each Appliance Has a High Energy Rating

To be certain that your appliances work in an energy-conserving manner, they should carry a high energy rating. The higher, the better for this. Energy ratings are issued by the Equipment Energy Efficiency or E3 Program under the jurisdiction of the Australian and local governments.

Select the Right Size for Your Kitchen Layout

Stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, built-in ovens and stovetops all come in a wide assortment of sizes. This means that you must consider your available space when selecting each item to ensure that the fit suitably. Also, you need to consider the capacity of your refrigerator since the small ones do not store as much food as the larger ones do, and if you have a large family, the refrigerator needs to hold sufficient perishables for your needs.

Choose the Features That Each Appliance Should Offer You

Another important consideration are the features that you desire in each of your appliances. Examples of this include:

  • Refrigerators can include exterior dispensers for water and ice, smart screens, ice makers and more.
  • Dishwashers can be extremely basic in nature or provide you with a choice of washing cycles as well as a drying cycle.
  • Stoves can provide a single oven that is ideal for roasting and baking, or they can contain dual sides with one side equipped with specialty items, such as a rotisserie. Also, they come with self-cleaning capabilities. Their stove tops come gas-powered, electric-powered or induction style.

For additional tips in selecting the best kitchen appliances when doing kitchen renovations, consult with Richmond Kitchens & Joinery. We specialise in a wide variety of projects from new kitchens and kitchen renovations to alfresco areas. Also, we guide you on which kitchen appliances will be ideal for your specific kitchen layout since we supply these as well.

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