Top Five Materials That Work Best With Busy Shop Counters

26 October 2018

When you own a retail store or other establishment that requires shop counters or countertops to serve customers efficiently, you need to select the best materials for them in order for these elements to endure daily use. After all, these are a major investment budget wise and as a result, the shop countertops must provide you with an adequate return on this investment. Most establishments cannot afford to replace their shop countertops or counters each year. To help you select that right material for your shop counters, we provide you with the following top five choices.

1. Laminate

The laminate materials for shop counters are much more resilient today than the ones that were popular years ago. Numerous colours and patterns are available for your consideration. This choice is top on our list since it also is cost-friendly for those businesses that are on a strict budget.

2. Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is manufactured using about 93-percent pure quartz, pigments and resins to create a highly durable and resilient countertop material. Countertops of this material can resist stains, chipping and even scorching along with never requiring sealing. As a result, this material is quickly becoming a favourite for its low maintenance and long lifespan.

3. Concrete

Yes, you read it right in that we include concrete in this list of the top five materials that work best of busy shop counters. It can be poured to any desire thickness and is extremely durable. However, it is porous, so it will require sealing to be resistant to moisture and stains. You can select its natural gray tone or request a special colour to match your interior.

4. Natural Stone

Granite, marble and other natural stones make excellent and even luxurious countertops. Certain stones, such as the marble and granite, need sealing while other types of stone do not need sealing.

5. Timber

Oak and other types of timber create a majestic-looking shop counter. Each type of timber has its own unique grain pattern that you can enhance with the right sealant or even stain. You should not paint shop counters since the paint will not withstand as much use and stains and sealants do each day. You will need to resurface and refinish timber countertops periodically for them to retain their ideal appearance and condition.

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