Understanding the Pros and Cons of Kitchen Islands

06 December 2021

There are countless attractive and practical designs in kitchen islands today. You may prefer a large island made of lustrous Red Oak or Victorian Ash wood with an elegant marble countertop. Other attractive models include smaller designs with stainless steel frames and pristine quartz or polished butcher block tops. You can also have a customised island designed to align with your kitchen’s interior decor if you like.

Understanding the Essential Pros and Cons of Kitchen Island Designs

Major pros and cons of today’s kitchen island designs include the following:


  • Spacious Countertops. Regardless of their size, kitchen islands provide extra countertop space for your kitchen. Every home chef appreciates having additional room for food prepping and mixing cooking and baking ingredients. Especially when preparing holiday meals or party foods, having a kitchen island with a smooth, spacious counter is a great help and welcome addition to any home kitchen.
  • Valuable Storage Space. Kitchen islands are typically designed to include attractive and useful storage space beneath their countertops. While some have spacious cupboards, others are designed with smaller cabinets and drawers or open shelving. This extra storage space can be extremely helpful in storing kitchen equipment and cooking vessels. Having this added storage room can help keep your kitchen neat and organized.
  • Attractive Gathering Spot. In nearly all households today, the kitchen is the hub of family activity. It serves as the major gathering place for everyone during meal preparation and for sharing quick snacks. Your dinner and party guests will also enjoy gathering in your kitchen while you put the finishing touches on delicious foods and beverages.


  • Limited Floor Space. In some smaller size or galley kitchens, an island may limit the floor space too much for practical use. Especially when more than one home chef is working on meal preparations in the kitchen, the additional counter and storage space offered by a kitchen island may be offset by the inconvenience of having less floor space for moving around.
  • Obstructed Kitchen Triangle. In some kitchen designs, introducing a kitchen island may obstruct the necessary kitchen triangle. This is the recommended triangular floor pattern of walking space leading from your sink to your refrigerator to your stove and back to your sink. Any kitchen without this free, unobstructed triangle of walking space does not provide an ideal design for cooking and preparing meals.

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Our team will work closely with you to assess your needs. If your kitchen offers sufficient space, our pros will help you decide on the ideal attractive island design to greatly improve your home cooking experience. They will provide you with a highly fashionable and functional modern island design that will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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