Wardrobe Ideas for Small Bedrooms

August 27, 2018

You can have four bedrooms in your home, but if you don't have the size to properly store your possessions then you are going to end up in some trouble. Storage space is almost always an issue and that problem goes double for when your bedroom is already small. One of the easiest ways to store your possessions is by having a quality wardrobe in your room. However, when you are working with a small bedroom, your wardrobe options can seem to be rather limited. Today, we are going to roll out a few simple ideas for wardrobes that can be implemented in even the smallest of bedrooms. Let's get started!

Wardrobes for Small Bedrooms

No matter how big or small your bedroom is, maximising your storage space is integral to living a happy and comfortable life. While your wardrobe options are limited by the space in your bedroom, your ideas can still go wild with creativity. Today, we are going to showcase a few of our favourite wardrobe options for people who have to deal with a small bedroom. These wardrobe options are all affordable, effective and aesthetically pleasing.

1) Hidden Storage Wardrobe - Probably the most popular form of wardrobe for small bedrooms, hidden storage wardrobes are an excellent and aesthetically pleasing option! With hidden storage, you can take advantage of every inch of your small bedroom so that no space is wasted. By maximising the space that you use, your storage can feel much more expansive than the space would otherwise imply.

2) Wide & Shallow Wardrobes - While we all like the idea of the massive, dominating wardrobes that you see in mansions, sometimes they simply are not practical. In smaller bedrooms, a wide and shallow wardrobe can prove to be effective AND visually pleasing. Wider wardrobes fit flush against your wall and they help you to utilise your space in a more efficient manner.

3) Vertical Wardrobes - Most wardrobes are pretty sizeable, but most of them aren't exactly what we would consider being 'tall'. If your bedroom is small, you can take back some of your space by going vertical. Vertical wardrobes stand taller than your conventional wardrobe options and you get to maximise your storage space as a result. Important, too, is the fact that you have more aesthetic options when your wardrobe is tall.

As you can see from our outline above, having a small bedroom doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the kind of storage that you require. Take advantage of our storage options and contact us today in order to help you make it a reality.

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