What are the Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Kitchen Styles?

13 August 2020

If you are updating your kitchen, you may have a hard time deciding exactly how you want it to look. It is important to choose something you can live with because you are quite likely to spend a lot of time in your new kitchen. Learning about different kitchen styles will make it easier for you to make a decision. Modern and contemporary are two of the styles you may be considering.


Modern kitchens are sleek with few embellishments. This style will suit you if you want a style that is minimal with clean lines.


If you choose this style, you may be able to choose from a larger selection of items. Items in a contemporary style are items from the present era, and they are more elaborate than items in a modern kitchen.


A modern kitchen is likely to have right angles and straight lines. This type of kitchen might have flat cabinet panels with no decorations. These cabinets may be black or white. Pulls on the cabinets are likely to have straight lines and no embellishments.

You are likely to find embellishments on cabinets in a contemporary kitchen. The cabinets will be more ornate than those in a modern kitchen. These cabinets have raised panels and decorative pulls. They might be made of wood.


Countertops in a modern kitchen may be the same color as the cabinet panels. The countertops and cabinets may have the same sleek appearance.

Contemporary kitchens might have countertops that are different in color and design from the cabinet panels. You may see stone countertops in a kitchen with wooden cabinets.


If your kitchen has an island, the cabinets on the island will be made in the same style as the other cabinets. An island in a modern kitchen will have the same flat panels and linear pulls as the other cabinets. Cabinets in an island in a contemporary kitchen will have embellishments and more elaborate pulls. This island may be supported by ornate columns.

Choosing the Style

Either style you choose will present you with a number of choices to make. You will need to decide on cabinets, pulls and countertops. If you want a kitchen that looks sleek and simple, you should choose a modern kitchen. A contemporary kitchen will suit you better if you prefer rooms that are decorated with some embellishments.

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